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Andrew Cuomo has done his worst to New York. After serving as Governor for a decade, he has been exposed as the most corrupt Governor in the State’s history. He ruled through intimidation and fear. He bullied his way, serving his own ends. He surrounded himself with equally disreputable cronies. They inflicted a reign of terror otherwise unknown in modern times. He was revealed to be a sexual predator. He had his way with unwilling victims, showing crude disrespect for women. Ultimately he was forced from office. Facing certain impeachment, he resigned in disgrace. He remains defiant, denying guilt and launching a counter offensive. He has recently dodged bullets with county District Attorneys dismissing criminal actions against him. His brother Chris similarly fell hard from grace. CNN fired him after revelations of unethical conduct by advising the ex Governor. The once proud legacy of father Mario has been sullied by his wayward sons. This blog presents daily postings of news and commentary on the Cuomo scandals. In the aftermath of their misdeeds, the tale is far from over. Rumors abound that they are plotting comebacks. Stay tuned as we keep you updated on the lurid mess !!!!