A Disgraced Pol’s Legacy

A Disgraced Pol’s Legacy. 2 months have passed since Cuomo left office. In that time he has maintained a low profile. He has delegated surrogates like long-time confidantes Rick Azzopardi and Rita Glavin to begin the counter attack. The vitriol is intensifying as they attempt to mend his legacy. The Governor was in office for nearly 11 years. He ran New York like his own personal fiefdom. He used bullying and intimidation to impose his will. Believing himself to be above the law, he became progressively more abusive to those around him. He hit rock bottom with repeated harassment of female associates. He sullied his own achievements as Chief Executive. His deplorable acts tarnished a decades worth of governing. A Disgraced Pol’s Legacy. He faces an uphill battle as he tries to REHABILITATE HIS RECORD !!