Assembly Report Finds “Overwhelming Evidence” of Harassment

Assembly Report Finds “Overwhelming Evidence” of Harassment. That is the conclusion of the Assembly investigation into Cuomo wrongdoing. The report was authored by blue chip law firm Davis Polk Wardell. It found he “engaged in multiple instances of sexual harassment, including by creating a hostile work environment and engaging in sexual misconduct.” It also indicates he used state employees to author, edit and promote his memoir for which he received a 5.1 Million Dollar advance. He moreover was not “transparent” in representing the number of nursing home fatalities due to covid. Naturally the Cuomo camp did not take this sitting down. Personal lawyer Rita Glavin charged “The Assembly’s report simply parrots the Attorney General’s flawed report, failing to engage with the many errors and omissions in the AG’s report and her one-sided, biased investigation.” She also said he was denied due process. Assembly Report Finds “Overwhelming Evidence” of Harassment. The MUDSLINGING continues as the ex Governor fights back !!