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Power of the Ballot

Power of the Ballot. New Yorkers take to the polls today. They will choose the new Mayor. Next year they will select the new Governor. ANYONE BUT CUOMO !! Primary Day reminds us of our DEMOCRATIC FREEDOMS. We have the unalienable right to choose our leaders. Andrew Cuomo’s reign of infamy has imperiled our liberties. […]

Mayoral Primary

The New York City Mayoral Primary is tomorrow. The law and order candidate Eric Adams is favored. The NYPD is handicapped by Cuomo’s bail reforms. He is turning repeat offenders back on the streets, THIS MUST END !!!! Crime is surging due to the reforms. The streets are no longer safe. Cuomo caved into the […]

Shame of the Sons

Shame of the Sons. On Father’s Day the Cuomo brothers should be remorseful for betraying their father’s legacy. Mario Cuomo was a standup politician and family man. He was a straight shooter who governed wisely and effectively. There was never a hint of scandal or betrayal of the public trust. Such a contrast to his […]

Fracking Ban Devastated Southern Tier

The Fracking Ban has devastated the Southern Tier. Yet Cuomo is spending 40 Million on tourism campaign for Upstate New York. He pushed a permanent ban through the Legislature. Fracking is the process by which natural gas is extracted from dense rock. It uses hydraulic drilling techniques. The Governor claims this would add to air […]

Langworthy: No Time For Celebration

No Time For Celebration. That is the message of state GOP Chairman Nick Longworthy. He derides Cuomo’s fireworks. He sees them as a celebration of Cuomo’s misguided handling of the pandemic. Longworthy instead says the celebration should be for modern medicine. Researchers made possible the development of the vaccines that are getting the epidemic under […]

Still At His Mercy

Still At His Mercy. The Legislature adjourned for the summer without revoking Cuomo’s emergency powers. This is a travesty beyond comprehension. The Assembly and Senate voted him sweeping authority last year at the outset of the pandemic. He was empowered to override local directives. In the ensuing year and a half he wantonly abused the […]

No Time For Celebration

No Time For Celebration. Cuomo’s fireworks make a mockery of covid suffering. They show his continuing disregard for the harm he has inflicted. The removal of mandates comes too late. The damage is done. He compounded the pain of the pandemic through his mismanagement of the crisis. His arbitrary and capricious edicts shattered life for […]

The Honor System

The Honor System. While urging New Yorkers to be truthful about vaccinations, Cuomo has been anything but honest with us. Lies and deceptions are his trademarks. He finds it impossible to tell the truth. His disastrous third term has been marked by repeated double dealing. He has failed to come clean with us. His authoritarian […]

At What Price?

At What Price? Cuomo takes credit for New York’s lowest positivity rate in the nation. But at WHAT PRICE has this been achieved? The once in a century pandemic inflicted distress. However, the suffering was compounded many times over by the Governor’s handling of the crisis. NYC is a veritable ghost town. His authoritarian lockdowns […]

Statistics and More Statistics

Statistics and More Statistics. Cuomo talks covid numbers but not the NEEDLESS SUFFERING he has inflicted on New Yorkers. His speeches and daily tweets emphasize improving numbers. But there is no mention of the human toll his authoritarian lockdowns caused for millions. He effectively shut down the state economy for over a year. Millions found […]