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Lapse of Memory

Lapse of Memory. Cuomo did not recall events in his sworn testimony. He claimed not to remember over 200 times in his deposition given to state investigators. He professed no recollection to lawyers who grilled him last summer in the AG probe. How convenient for an attorney who previously prided himself on sharp memory. The […]

Cuomo Transcript Released

Cuomo Transcript Released. Letitia James has made public the record of his sworn statement. In 11 hours of testimony he flat out denied the sexual harassment allegations. He said he would have to lose his mind to grope accuser Brittany Commisso. The exchange was heated and confrontational. He sparred with attorneys Joon Kim and Anne […]

Cuomo Claims Zero Proof

Cuomo Claims Zero Proof. In a tweet he also decried Letitia James “sham report”. The War of Words is heating up. The ex-Governor and his aides are fighting back with a vengeance. The embattled pol even posted a pic of his 4 year old dog Captain. The gentle image of a man and his dog […]

Misstatement in Commisso’s Testimoney

Misstatement in Commisso’s Testimony. There is a major error in the testimony accuser Britanny Commisso gave in the Attorney General’s investigation. She apparently could not remember the date of the alleged harassment incident. She said it occurred in November of last year. The actual date was in December. Cracks are developing in the case against […]

Cuomo Daughter Dismisses Charges

Cuomo Daughter Dismisses Charges. Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo denounced the charges against her father as  “manufactured #MeToo-style PR offensive.” In a twitter posting she called the case an unprecedented abuse of power. The charges are seen as “curiously choreographed”. The Attorney General’s report is seen as an “anti-Cuomo putsch”. The reference is to Letitia James bid to […]

Will He Beat the Case ?

Will He Beat the Case ? That is the question swirling in light of recent developments. The Disgraced Former Governor is mounting a counterattack. Albany County District Attorney calls the criminal charge “potentially defective”. There was no sworn statement filed by accuser Brittany Commisso. There appears to be little corroborating evidence. There were no witnesses […]

Criminal Complaint Termed Potentially Defective

Criminal Complaint Termed Potentially Defective. That is the word from Albany County District Attorney David Soares. In a letter to the court he wrote that there are improprieties in the criminal case. At issue is the fact that Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple went public with the charge of forcible touching before notifying the District […]

Joint Committee Revisits Book Deal

Joint Committee Revisits Book Deal. The JCOPE is reconsidering whether to rescind its approval of the Cuomo Memoir. The 14 members are huddling to negate the transaction. There are believed to be 8 votes, a clear majority, to nullify the consent. Controversy swirls around the whole matter. The deal was signed off on last year […]

Cuomo to be Arraigned November 17th

Cuomo to be Arraigned November 17th. He will be charged in Albany City Court with forcible groping. It is a misdemeanor that carries up to 1 year in jail. The controversy arises out of an alleged encounter he had at the Executive Mansion last December. Former aide Britanny Commisso claims he fondled her while they […]