Author: Dictatorcuomo

A House Divided

A House Divided Can Not Stand. That is true of the contentious relationship between Governor Cuomo and New York City Mayor deBlasio. Historically there have been tensions between State and City. That has been aggravated by Cuomo’s heavy-handed one-man rule. The hapless deBlasio administration is fortunately winding down. The June Democractic primary will all but […]

Where Is the Transparency?

New Yorkers are asking Where is the Transparency. When Cuomo first ran for Governor, he promised “the most transparent” administration in history. What happened to his campaign pledge? Instead of being forthright, Governor Cuomo has stonewalled and concealed the truth. He hides behind his executive mantle to prevent accountability for his actions. Attorney General Letitia […]

Super Mess on Super Sunday

There is a Super Mess on Super Sunday. As New Yorkers prepare to watch the National Championship, the State covid response is in shambles. The vaccination rollout has been mishandled, endangering the lives of millions. Arbitrary and unilateral executive orders from the Governor have compounded the suffering. His lockdowns of small businesses, notably restaurants, bars, […]

Have A Heart

Have a Heart, Governor Cuomo. Expand Valentines Day indoor dining to the entire weekend. That would give struggling restauranteurs in New York City a chance to weather the winter downturn. Cuomo announced that restaurants can reopen for indoor dining next Sunday on Valentines Day at 25 percent capacity. Extending this for the whole Holiday Weekend […]