Author: Dictatorcuomo

Curb the Governor’s Abusive Power

An effort is underway to curb Governor Cuomo’s abusive power. Republicans in the Legislature and some moderate Democrats object to his sweeping authority. They want to overturn the enabling mandate that allows him to “provide any directive necessary to respond to the disaster.” He can also “temporarily suspend or modify any statute, local law, ordinance, […]

More Trouble Ahead

There is more trouble ahead with Cuomo’s erratic rule. Having issued ultimatums closing down New York, he is unable to reign in the State Legislature. Both the Assembly and Senate have veto proof Democratic majorities. The far left leadership is proposing higher taxes on the affluent and increased regulations on business. This as companies and […]

Too Little Too Late

Governor Cuomo’s proposal to help struggling commercial tenants is Too Little Too Late. He announced he agrees with New York Congressman Ocasio-Cortez that there should be rent relief for small businesses. Glad that has occurred to you, Andy. You should realize that your own harsh and authoritative shutdowns have crippled mom-and-pop establishments, the backbone of […]

Judge Strikes Down House of Worship Guidelines

A federal appeals judge has struck down Governor Cuomo’s House of Worship guidelines. He ruled that attendance limitations of 10 – 25 per religious service is harsher than secular rules for businesses. The judge sided with arguments presented in behalf of Roman Catholic and Jewish communities. Finally the judiciary is acting to curtail Cuomo’s authoritarian […]

Expression of Remorse Should Start with Governor

Expression of Remorse should start with the Governor. On Christmas Day Cuomo pardoned 21 state convicts who showed remorse and rehabilitation. Charity begins at home, King Andrew. You need to examine your conscience and show regret for the suffering and unbridled hardship you have caused New Yorkers. Do you regret fostering the deaths of thousands […]