Author: Dictatorcuomo

Protesters Debut Good Morning Cuomo

Protestors have debuted a web series on Instagram. Good Morning Cuomo is a new broadcast initiated by disgruntled bar and restaurant owners. It showcases the plight of struggling hospitality venues crippled by the Governor’s arbitrary mandate. Presently he has shut down all indoor dining in New York City. Business that had been limping along with […]

No Science to Restaurant Closings

There is no science to restaurant closings in New York City. Governor Cuomo arbitrarily shut them down. Incredibly enough he has revealed that restaurant venues are responsible for only 1.4 percent of covid infections. King Cuomo is divorced from economic reality. His harsh and ever changing rules for operating food establishments are killing the industry. […]

Cuomo Noncommittal About Allowing Fans at Playoffs

Governor Cuomo is noncommittal about allowing Bills fans to attend playoff games. Responding to reporters questions at a press conference, he once again fudged, taking a wait and see approach. After waiting for an AFC East title for 25 years, the faithful deserve better. Over a generation has passed since the Bills won the division. […]