Azzopardi: Cuomo Was Railroaded

Azzopardi claims Cuomo was Railroaded. The long time spokesman has broken his silence on the Attorney General’s investigation. He cited numerous inconsistencies in the report. He said the evidence was flimsy and process twisted. Letitia James is seen as fueling her own gubernatorial ambitions. She appointed investigators who are Cuomo adversaries. So goes the analysis of the Governor’s pit bull. Loyal to the end, Rick staunchly defends his boss. He decries the actions of Democratic Socialists who looked to overturn the election. He emphatically states they wanted Cuomo out of office. Such are the allegations from the Inner Circle. Andrew Cuomo evidently believes the deck was stacked against him. He and his people leave embittered and convinced of a hatchet job. Azzopardi maintains Cuomo Was Railroaded. We are unlikely to have heard the last of this !!