Biting Another Bullet

Biting Another Bullet. Gregory Oakes, Oswego County DA, is not prosecuting alleged groping charges against Cuomo. His office found there is not sufficient legal basis for proceeding with a criminal case. He said the accuser, Virginia Limmiatis, is responsible and reliable. He regrets that New York law does not adequately defend victims from predators. He is the 5th and final District Attorney to drop charges. 4 other DA’s – in Nassau, Manhattan, Westchester, and Albany – similarly refrained from pursuing their cases. Reaction was swift from the Cuomo camp. Spokesman Rich Azzopardi attacked the Attorney General’s investigation. “As now five DAs have verified, none of the accusations in Tish James’ fraud of a report have stood up to any level of real scrutiny,” Momentum is with the ex Governor as he looks to clear his name. A political comeback is likely in the cards. Biting Another Bullet. Cuomo is proving to have 9 LIVES as he beats the charges !!