Hochul Decries Manifesto

Hochul Decries Manifesto. The Governor spoke out against the posting of racist rants on social media platforms. She said it is spreading like wildfire. This was in response to the bone chilling diatribe posted by the perpetrator of the Buffalo shooting. It contained virulent anti-minority and antisemitic tirades. The bloodbath was made even worse by these rambling hate messages. She said this is what is so disturbing about the tragedy. It remains to be seen what she can do to curb these outrages. She is calling for media sites to monitor and take down such posts immediately. Hochul Decries Manifesto. New Yorkers join in condemning these frightening rants !!

Hochul Speaks Out

Hochul Speaks Out. The Governor lashed back at the policies of social media platforms. She urged them to do something about curbing hate mongering that inspired Saturdays mass shooting in Buffalo. She spoke at a Sunday service at a predominantly Black church in her upstate hometown. Too bad she did not admit that her soft on crime policies contributed to the tragedy. She has allowed Cuomo’s bail reforms to remain in place that foster lawlessness. While showing solidarity with the Black community, she has to come clean with them. The decline of law and order affects minority communities the most. It is time to rededicate government efforts to combatting crime. Then she can pay tribute to those who have been lost. Hochul Speaks Out. It evokes the old truism that ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS !!

Soft on Crime

Soft on Crime. Hochul offered platitudes in response to the horrific supermarket shooting in Buffalo. The attack left 10 dead and 3 injured. It was evidently racially motivated. The Governor rushed to her hometown of Buffalo to condemn the violence. She spoke of reigning in social media outlets that create platforms for spreading hate. Noble words, Short on action. She and her predecessor Cuomo fostered the climate for unchecked criminal activity. The bail reform laws undid progress in combatting such violence. The Blood of many Innocents are on their hands. The progress of decades has been undermined by their policies. Serious offenses have surged throughout the state. It is time to take action once and for all. Soft on Crime. The violence must stop to restore law and order !!

Distributing Cash

Distributing Cash. Hochul has announced plans to give additional funds to struggling New Yorkers. The program will dole out a one time extra 250 payment to households with a child under age 17. The 28 Million allocation will assist 112,000 families. Hochul is clearly using the power of the purse to assist her re-election campaign. Like her predecessor Cuomo, she is attempting to buy votes. Her perverse strategy is to remember this come November. Democrats have long courted low income voters. Cuomo expanded the social welfare network to buy their support. It is a cynical throwing of bones in exchange for electoral backing. Distributing Cash. Hochul is using public funds for her own political advantage !!

What Does The Future Hold

What Does The Future Hold. That is the question on the minds of New Yorkers. State government is in upheaval with Cuomo as Wild Card. He threatens to blow the election wide open by possibly running as an independent. His Ego is so great that he may well enter the race. Polls indicate that he would siphon enough votes from Hochul to provide for Republican victory in November. Meanwhile she is badly wounded, having stumbled repeatedly. The controversies over Bills stadium, out of control crime, and the Brian Benjamin fiasco have left her limping. The resurgence of covid with its new subvariant further casts a pall. She has vowed not to resort to lockdowns like the ones Cuomo used that crippled the economy and disrupted the lives of every New Yorkers. Whether she keeps her word remains to be seen. What Does The Future Hold. It is unclear as we navigate uncertain waters !!

All The Kings Horses

All The Kings Horses. And all the Kings men. Cuomo is looking to put his career back together again. He has been sitting uncharacteristically low as he plots his comeback. 2 and a half weeks remain for him to file petitions to get on the ballot. Not a stir from his camp on their next move. Polls show that if he runs as an independent he can not win. Instead his role would be that of spoiler for Hochul. She professes not to be concerned about his possible entry into the race. Indeed, she has been making press by proposing 35 Million to fund abortion rights. The big Question Mark is what the disgraced ex Governor will do. All The Kings Horses. Like Humpty Dumpty he may be headed for a Fall !!

Strip Him of War Chest

Strip Him of War Chest. That is the objective of legislation filed to claw back Cuomo’s reserves. Democrats Alessandra Biaggi and Phil Steck have introduced legislation to do just that. The stunning development is intended to prevent the disgraced pol from entering this year’s gubernatorial race. It is even more damning coming from members of his own party. The STOP CUOMO movement is in high gear. Democrats are concerned he would play the role of spoiler, paving the way for Republican victory in November. The bill would require anyone who resigned or was convicted of a crime to give back their campaign contributions. Where this will lead is anyone’s guess. Strip Him of War Chest. That is the rallying cry of partisans looking to block a comeback !!

Fighting for A Lifeline

Fighting for A Lifeline. Political activist Gary Greenberg has filed suit to postpone the primary until August. He also seeks to extend the filing deadline to submit petitions to get on the ballot. Greenberg is a longtime Cuomo supporter. He has contributed to the disgraced Governor’s campaigns. If the lawsuit is successful it would give Cuomo another chance to run in the Democratic primary. Critics dismiss Greenberg as a political eccentric. He and his lawyer are closely affiliated with the Cuomo camp. We trust that the Court will rule wisely and reject his motions. New Yorkers deserve to be rid of the man who betrayed his office and the public trust. Fighting for A Lifeline. Diehards can’t accept the reality that Cuomo’s time has passed !!

Not Concerned

Not Concerned. Hochul said in an interview with ABC News that she is not losing sleep over the prospect of a Cuomo independent run. She explained, “Everyone will do what they choose to do.” Brave words from the incumbent. A recent poll revealed the ex-Governor would play the role of spoiler. He would not win. However, he would siphon off enough Democratic votes to pave the way for the Republican. Were Cuomo a thinking person he would sit the election out. Yet his super sized Ego is so great that he may well run. The greatest punishment for him is to be relegated to the sidelines. He craves public acclaim. The matter will be decided by the end of the month with the deadline for filing petitions. Meanwhile Hochul says she is too preoccupied with serving New Yorkers to worry. Not Concerned. She is betting he stays out of a race he can not win !!

Latino Who ?

Latino Who ? Critics are calling to task Antonio Delgado for identifying as Afro-Latino. Many say he has never been an advocate for the Hispanic community. The controversy stems over his ethic roots. He hails from Cape Verde Islands, a former Portuguese colony off the west coast of Africa. He fights back, citing a grandfather of mixed Latino heritage. Despite his protestations it turns out his mother had no contact with her father. The whole thing is flimsy and tenuous. Hochul selected him as her running mate as part of an outreach to Hispanics. The whole community chafes that one of their own has never been elected to statewide or citywide office. Democrats have overlooked them despite being 20 percent of the electorate. More hypocrisy from the party of Cuomo and Hochul. Latino Who ? Delgado has dubious connections to the millions of brown voters !!