Avoiding Capitulation

Avoiding Capitulation. Former Governor David Paterson urges Hochul to resist the Legislature when negotiating the state budget. He counsels her to hold fast in her insistence on bail reform. If necessary delay passage of the budget beyond the April 1st deadline. To achieve her ends she must stand up to Carl Heastie and Andrea Stewart-Cousins. Paterson served as Governor for 3 years upon the resignation of Eliot Spitzer. He declined to run for reelection. He is now a lobbyist and elder Democratic Party statesman. Avoiding Capitulation. Hochul should listen intently to her predecessor’s wise advice !!

Looming Indictment

Looming Indictment. President Trump said on social media that he expects to be indicted on Tuesday. The New York County grand jury has been investigating the alleged payment of hush money to Stormy Daniels. Trump denies the incident ever took place. The case is spearheaded by crusading Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. It is seen by former Vice President Pence as a political prosecution. Trump says that hatred of him motivates Bragg. The specter of a former President being arrested is without precedent. Bragg is looking to derail Trump’s re-election bid. Bragg’s abuse of office knows no bounds. Looming Indictment. It is further evidence of the rot that plagues New York politics !!

Schiff Interview

Schiff Interview. Chris Cuomo recently hosted Peter Schiff on his nightly broadcast. The widely respected financial commentator blamed the government for the current economic crisis. He cited excessive Washington spending and deficits as the core problem. Also the Federal Reserve’s unchecked printing of worthless paper money. The collapse of the banks is a direct consequence. The Fed kept interest rates at Zero for a decade. The unwise monetary policy is responsible for the hyper inflation. It erodes the value of bank deposits at risk that will be bailed out by printing more paper money. Schiff urges a shift from deposits into gold and silver. His incisive overview is part of the ongoing CUOMO lineup of controversial broadcasts. Chris may not be drawing a large audience on NewsNation but his programs are cutting edge. Schiff Interview. Bravo for hosting guests who tell it like it is !!

PAC Endorsements

PAC Endorsements. Lee Zeldin’s Political Action Committee has made its first endorsements. He is backing the 5 freshman New York congressmen. They are likely to face intensive opposition in the 2024 election cycle. Their election last year gave the GOP control of Congress and resulted in the firing of Speaker Pelosi. Their success in the down ballot is attributable to Zeldin’s strong showing in November. He has emerged as a major force in state and national politics. PAC Endorsements. Expect this to be the first of many as Lee’s stature grows !!

Suing the State

Suing the State. Cuomo accuser Charlotte Bennett has filed suit against New York alleging sexual harassment and retaliation. She had started litigation against him and 3 former aides last fall. It seeks damages. Letitia James investigated allegations by 11 women claiming harassment while he was Governor. The AG’s damning report led to his resignation shortly thereafter. In the ensuing year and a half he has laid low. The legal problems mount as he looks to defend himself. Suing the State. It is the latest installment in the ongoing controversy !!

Progressives for Israel

Progressives for Israel. That is the name of Andrew Cuomo’s new advocacy group. It looks to shore up support for the Jewish state among liberals. Such support has waivered in recent years. While Governor he had generally favorable relations with the New York Jewish community. During the pandemic he was sued by Orthodox for the ban on religious gatherings. Many of them voted for Republican Lee Zeldin in the recent election. Cuomo is looking to mount a political comeback. He is expected to challenge Gillibrand for Senator next year. In preparation he is rebuilding ties to this important constituency. Progressives for Israel. Cuomo is laying the groundwork for his re-entry into New York politics !!

Campaign Deposits

Campaign Deposits. The Cuomo committee reportedly had large balances with the failed Signature Bank. A sizable portion of its 9 Million in funds was in accounts at the New York Institution. Signature collapsed following the demise of Silicon Valley Bank. Its assets were transferred to the FDIC. Hochul has pledged that depositors will be made whole. She promises that everyone will receive their money back. Time will tell if this is the case. Campaign Deposits. Her nemesis Cuomo surely hopes her rosy assurances are on target !!

Signature Turmoil

Signature Turmoil. The state Department of Financial Services took over New York based Signature Bank this weekend. It failed following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank last week. Signature has assets of 110 Billion and deposits of 88 Billion. It is the third largest bank failure in US history. Both banks folded as worried depositors rushed to withdraw cash from the beleaguered institutions. Treasury Secretary Yellen said the federal government will no longer bail out the banks. Depositors are insured up to 250,000 by the FDIC. The crisis underscores an erosion of confidence in the banking system. Hochul is expected to speak this morning on these developments. Signature Turmoil. Our leaders must contain the emergency by reassuring the public trust !!

Next Chairman

Next Chairman. Ed Cox says he has secured enough support to be elected the new GOP state Chairman. The formal vote will be held tomorrow in Albany. The longtime pol served as state Chair for 10 years until 2019. He says he is concerned about the future of New York under one party Democratic rule. He cites the half Million residents who have moved elsewhere. Cox’s Republican roots run deep. He ran political action committees during the Zeldin campaign. He spearheaded the lawsuit to set aside congressional redistricting. That resulted in flipping 4 districts red which gave the GOP a majority in the House of Representatives. He is the son-in-law of former President Nixon. Next Chairman. Cox is a proven leader who will serve the party well !!

COVID Update

COVID Update. Hochul is urging New Yorkers to remain vigilant. She encourages getting a booster shot. Those particularly at risk of infection are targeted. The state’s handling of the crisis arguably caused more harm than good. Cuomo’s relentless lockdowns decimated small business. The economic consequences will last for years. His nursing home mandate resulted in the deaths of 15,000 vulnerable residents. Through it all he self promoted himself. His memoir on leadership lessons learned, produced with the help of state employees, enriched him to the tune of 5 Million. COVID update. Hochul needs to come clean and atone for these abuses !!