Memoir Outrage

Memoir Outrage. The New York Post reports that work on Cuomo’s book started far earlier than previously acknowledged. It cites an email to staffers from top lieutenant Melissa DeRosa. She asked them to compile a timeline. This at the deadliest early stage of COVID. Nearly a thousand New Yorkers were dying daily from the coronavirus. The whole book project has been mired in controversy. State employees allegedly worked on the volume on government time. The since disbanded Joint Committee on Public Ethics clawed back the 5.1 Million dollar advance. That was later overruled by the courts. Memoir Outrage. The Cuomo administration worked on the volume as thousands were dying !!

Human and Political Crisis

Human and Political Crisis. That is what Andrew Cuomo calls the problem of homelessness. Speaking on his podcast he chastised blue states and cities for letting it fester. The situation is most acute in municipalities run by Democrats. He said they are not doing enough to alleviate the suffering. He termed it a mental health crisis first and foremost. He chided the Biden administration for not addressing the problem. He also called upon the President to build more affordable housing. Human and Political Crisis. Cuomo is on Target when he blames the Democrats for this deplorable state of affairs !!

Entitled to Legal Fees

Entitled to Legal Fees. A judge has ruled that Cuomo’s legal bill must be paid by the state. The case involves a lawsuit brought by a female state trooper that he sexually harassed her. Letitia James had initially declined the ex Governor’s claim for payment. In return Cuomo sued in federal court. Longtime spokesman Rick Azzopardi accused the AG of politicizing her actions. He said everyone of her unwrongful actions against his boss has been shot down in court. She has reluctantly agreed to comply. Entitled to Legal Fees. Score another victory for Cuomo and his clever team of lawyers !!

No Show

No Show. Andrew Cuomo did not attend a gala last evening honoring his late father. The celebration marked the 40th anniversary of the inauguration of Governor Mario Cuomo. Sources said that Andrew did not want to see former staffers who turned against him. That in the wake of his unceremonious resignation from office amid sexual harassment allegations. Cuomo insists that he was not invited to the event. It was held at hotspot Slate in the flatiron district. To mark their father’s milestone. The Cuomo family is launching a website It salutes his legacy that paved the way for his sons careers. No Show. Andrew wrote the book on holding grudges towards those who cross him !!

Laziest and Most Forgettable Senator

Laziest and Most Forgettable Senator. That is what Zeldin says of Gillibrand. The 2 pols are likely to square off for Senator in 2024. She defiantly retorted that she will beat him. Tough talk from the presumptive candidates. Gillibrand has a lackluster record. She has accomplished little of note in Washington. She is seen as a lightweight who gets elected only because of the Democratic voter advantage in New York. Zeldin in contrast has proven himself to be a dynamic campaigner. He nearly pulled off an historic upset for Governor last November. That despite the GOP being out registered by millions of voters. Laziest and Most Forgettable Senator. Zeldin has what it takes to pull off a resounding victory !!

Voluntary Withdrawl

Voluntary Withdrawl. Donald Trump’s lawyer has withdrawn a second lawsuit against Letitia James. It had sought damages from the AG over her case against the Trump Organization. Last week’s action was over her pursuing his personal trust. The dismissals are in reaction to a judge’s ruling fining him nearly a million dollars for a frivolous suit against Hillary Clinton. It found him liable for using the legal system to persecute political adversaries. Voluntary Withdrawl. The legal wrangling continues as James pursues the former President. !!

Gaining Traction

Gaining Traction. A Siena College canvass shows Hochul’s poll numbers increasing. 56 percent of those surveyed approve of the job she is doing. 36 percent do not. Overall she has a 48 percent favor ability rating. Crime is the foremost problem according to 93 percent of respondents. A majority want amendment to the state’s controversial bail reform laws. It is followed by taxation and cost of living. New Yorkers respond favorably to her proposal to build more affordable housing. The Governor has struggled back from her December all time low polls. Gaining Traction. The question on everyone’s minds is whether she can sustain the momentum !!

Beat Up

Beat Up. Chris Cuomo says he is emotionally and psychologically beat up following his firing from CNN. Speaking on a podcast he indicated his career will never be the same. He was unceremoniously dismissed from the network amid allegations he helped brother Andrew fight sexual harassment allegations. He claims he never manipulated media coverage of the scandals. Since then he has signed on board with upstart NewsNation. The nightly broadcast has a much smaller audience. He has landed a number of high profile interviews. He insists that CNN is still the best news organization in the world. He laments he did not have a chance to say goodbye to fellow staffers. Beat Up. Chris is a survivor who reinvents himself to roll with the punches !!

Cratering Support

Cratering Support. Lee Zeldin said that support for George Santos is evaporating. The embattled freshman congressman is under fire for lies and campaign finance irregularities. Zeldin indicated he is in trouble back in his district. He is called to task for multiple fabrications. Partisan Democrats seek his removal from office. Whether he survives the onslaught has yet to be determined. Zeldin has emerged as the voice of New York Republicans. He came within 5 points of defeating Hochul in what would have been an historic upset. He is the future of the state GOP. Cratering Support. Zeldin’s Star is on the rise while Santos appears to be crashing !!

Case Dismissed

Case Dismissed. Former President Trump has voluntarily withdrawn a suit against Letitia James. He had filed a case charging the Attorney General with vicious pursuit of him. This comes on the heels of him being fined a million dollars for frivolous litigation against Hillary Clinton. The judge chastised him for revenge attacks on his political adversaries. James is not blameless in this controversy. She is suing the Trump trust for 250 million alleging financial improprieties. The attacks are politically motivated. Case Dismissed. The New York courts are selectively ruling against Trump while coddling his enemies !!