Percoco Conviction Upheld

Percoco Conviction Upheld. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals failed to set aside the jail sentence of Joseph Percoco. He was a longtime confidante of Andrew Cuomo. Percoco was charged in a bribery scandal. He accepted 300,000 Dollars in bribes on the ill-fated Buffalo Billion project. He is serving a 6 year prison sentence. The Court also affirmed the conviction of Syracuse developer Steven Aiello who conspired with Percoco. The lurid case is evidence of the corruption that marked Cuomo’s administration. Percoco was one of the ex Governor’s closest friends and cronies. He served as head of the campaign committee. Percoco Conviction Upheld. His fall was part of the trail of devastation and destruction that Cuomo left in his wake !!

Report Due Soon

Report Due Soon. The Assembly’s report on Cuomo wrongdoing may be ready by October 1st. That is the word from Republican Assemblywoman Majorie Byrnes who sits on the Judiciary Committee. The long awaited summary is expected to shed light on the ex Governor’s malfeasance. The Committee has taken testimony from dozens of witnesses and reviewed thousands of pages of documents. Its work was temporarily halted last month by Speaker Carl Heastie. It resumed after a bipartisan outcry. It is unclear whether impeachment proceedings will follow. While Cuomo resigned in disgrace, IMPEACHMENT would bar him from ever again holding state office. There is a wellspring of support for taking that action. Report Due Soon. It should restore the public faith in State Government !!

Watchdog Groups Cry Foul

Watchdog Groups Cry Foul. 4 good government groups are calling for an investigation of Cuomo’s payment of spokesman Rick Azzopardi from campaign funds. The League of Women Voters, Common Cause, Reinvent Albany, and NY Public Interest Research Group are all demanding an inquiry into alleged wrongdoing. Cuomo controls an 18 Million Dollar campaign coffer. Under state law such funds shall not be used for any person that is unrelated to a political campaign or holding of public office. Long time pit bull Azzopardi has been paid from the slush fund since his boss’ resignation. This is further evidence of unethical abusive practice. Watchdog Groups Cry Foul. They are entitled to answers about this latest breach of public trust !!

Subpoena For Memoir Records

Subpoena for Memoir Records. The New York Post reports a Subpoena has been issued in conjunction with the Cuomo Book Deal scandal. It is part of Letitia James on going investigation into whether laws were broken. The Attorney General is looking into alleged collaboration on the Memoir by former Cuomo staffers. The subpoena was served upon the Joint Committee on Public Ethics. The discredited former Governor was paid 5 Million Dollars for his volume on Leadership during the Covid Crisis. He may be subject to criminal charges. He would also have to return the publisher’s kingly advance as restitution. Subpoena For Memoir Records. Letitia James is to be commended for pursuing Andrew Cuomo. We say THROW THE BOOK AT HIM !!

Entire Times Up Board Resigns

Entire Times Up Board Resigns. All Directors are quitting in the wake of the Cuomo Scandal. The organization has been rocked by revelations that it advised the disgraced ex Governor in the sexual harassment scandal. It is a dark day for the advocacy group. Created in the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein debacle, it is supposed to champion the rights of wronged women. Instead it has been consumed by controversy. Former CEO Tina Tchen admits she is a divisive figure. This is evidence of further destruction caused by Andrew Cuomo. The ramifications of his crimes continue to resound. We predict years of crises in the aftermath of what he has done. Entire Times Up Board Resigns. This is only the beginning of the trouble he has caused.

Alphonso David Fired

Alphonso David Fired. The President of the Human Rights Campaign was terminated yesterday. The Board of the nation’s largest LGBTQ organization removed him over shaming of Cuomo accuser Lindsey Boylan. David is a long time confidante of the former Governor. He served as Chief Counsel from 2015 – 2019. He participated in the circulation of a letter badmouthing Boylan. It was part of the effort to discredit her. Yet another crony has been caught up in the sexual harassment scandal. Cuomo has left a trail of devastation in his wake. The Board was justified in its actions. There is no room for equivocation in the championing of civil rights. Alphonso David Fired. Count him as another Cuomo aide who self destructed.

David Refuses To Resign

David Refuses to Resign. Alphonso David, head of the Human Rights Campaign, belligerently declines to step aside amid a swirling scandal. He is accused of aiding Cuomo’s efforts to smear Lindsey Boylan. David is a long time crony of the disgraced former Governor. He formerly served as Cuomo’s Chief Counsel. The impasse is further evidence of the unprincipled people who surrounded and advised the Governor. It is appalling that one entrusted to protect Human Rights should have engaged in such conduct. People are judged by the company they keep. David turned over Boylan’s personnel file to the administration. Incredibly enough he professes his innocence. He maintains he did nothing wrong. David Refuses to Resign. Yet another Cuomo Ally has proven to be totally UNETHICAL !!

Will Not Govern By Press Conferences

Will Not Govern By Press Conference. That is the word from Kathy Hochul. She is taking not so thinly veiled swipes at Cuomo. She is looking to distance herself from him and his heavy handed tactics. Hochul is working to establish a new regime. She has already started cleaning house. Many of her predecessor’s aides have been shown the exits. Having already announced her intention to run for a full term next year she is leaving the disgraced Governor behind. In a bold move she called the Legislature into special session to pass a four and a half month extension of the eviction and foreclosure moratoria. She is championing the interests of the working men and women. It is a new day in Albany. She brings a lifetime’s experience in public service to the job. Gone are Cuomo’s arrogance and strong armed intimidation. Will Not Govern By Press Conferences. Out with the OLD and in with the NEW !!

Vengeance Is Mine

Vengeance Is Mine. Cuomo is expected to LASH OUT at his perceived political enemies. Those who turned on him are likely to incur his wrath. Politicians who called for his resignation or impeachment are at the top of the list. Even Kathy Hochul, his successor as Governor, is an object of retribution. And Cuomo has ample financial means at his disposal to WAGE WAR. 18 Million Dollars remain in his campaign WAR CHEST. The funds had been contributed by donors large and small to pay for his 4th run for the State House. He is free to use them to run attack ads. He has already hired long time pit bull Rick Azzopardi to be his spokesman. Together they will embark upon a well financed program to rehabilitate his image. Vengeance Is Mine. We have not heard the last of Andrew Cuomo and his VINDICTIVE WAYS !!