Cuomo Sues State

Cuomo Sues State. He is looking for payment of his legal bills in the sexual harassment case filed by a female state trooper. He alleges that AG Letitia James has refused to pay even though the incident occurred while he was in office. She says that harassment is not part of the Governor’s job description. He dismisses her actions as arbitrary, capricious and politically motivated. The criminal charges arising in the case were dismissed by the Albany District Attorney. Not satisfied the trooper is forging ahead with civil litigation. The legal bill for the disgraced pol may run into millions of dollars. Cuomo Sues State. The wrangling is likely to drag on in the courts as part of the ongoing tangled mess !!

Still Full of Regrets

Still Full of Regrets. Vanity Fair reports that Cuomo still regrets resigning last summer. Since then he has laid low, filling his days with cars and fish. A sorry state of affairs for the man who wielded near absolute power in New York for a decade. The crash and burn of the former Governor is of epic proportions, He notably shows no remorse for his actions. He rather bemoans the loss of his hold on Democratic politics. Armed with a 10 Million dollar war chest, he is equipped to do battle. After toying with challenging Hochul in this years election, he demurred and preferred to remain on the sidelines – at least for now. His tweet this week condemning the raid on Mar-a-Lago made headlines. He clearly sees himself as remaining a force to be reckoned with. Still Full of Regrets. Expect a SECOND ACT as he continues to lick his wounds !!

Cuomo Trashes FBI Raid on Twitter

Cuomo Trashes FBI Raid on Twitter. He wrote yesterday that “DOJ must immediately explain the reason for its raid & it must be more than a search for inconsequential archives or it will be viewed as a political tactic and undermine any future credible investigation & legitimacy of January 6 investigations.”  This was a surprising posting on social media. Indeed, the ex Governor was one of the first politicians to speak out. His comments come in the aftermath of the unprecedented violation of Trump’s home. The White House claims Biden had no forewarning of the DOJ travesty. It is an affront to the former President and his millions of supporters. Andrew Wang believes it will hand Trump the presidency in 2024. It has made for strange bedfellows. Cuomo Trashes FBI Raid on Twitter. The political maelstrom is just beginning !!

Cuomo Questions Raid on Mar-a-Lago

Cuomo Questions Raid on Mar-a-Lago. The ex Governor demands an explanation of the outrageous overnight FBI intrusion into former President Donald Trump’s Florida home. Cuomo says it could undermine the Department of Justice investigation of alleged wrongdoing. He joins a chorus of Republicans in condemning the action. Many believe it will aid Trumps re-election bid. It is unparalleled in the annals of American presidential politics. Cuomo Questions Raid on Mar-a-Lago. At last he is on the right side of history !!

Gun Seizures Double

Gun Seizures Double. Hochul announced a 104 percent increase in confiscation of assault weapons. This is due to concentrated effort by the Gun Trafficking Interdiction Unit. The Governor points takes credit for the initiative. Too bad her administration remains soft on crime. She steadfastly refuses to change the bail reform policies set in motion by her predecessor Cuomo. Bowing to political pressure, she dares not cross her liberal constituents crucial to her re-election. The result is the unchecked surge in violent crime throughout the state. New Yorkers no longer feel safe on the streets or subways. Fear is pervasive with near daily reports of crime. Gun Seizures Double. The real solution is getting rid of the bail reforms that put hardened criminals back on the streets !!

Chris Pulls in Big Ratings

Chris Pulls in Big Ratings. The Chris Cuomo Project now ranks second among Apple’s podcasts. The recently launched commentary show is drawing viewer attention. It is one prong of his scripted return to the public forum. This past week he interviewed Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia. Manchin declined to endorse President Biden for re-election. Clearly Chris does not shy away from controversial questioning. He had teased that something was in the works for Summer 2022. His nightly news show on NewsNation is set to debut this fall. His emergence from the shadows comes after his firing by CNN last December. The network let him go after revelations of how extensively he has assisted brother Andrew in fighting the sexual harassment allegations. He justified it on the basis of family ties. Chris Pulls in Big Ratings. With supersized EGO and unchecked ambition, we’ll see how far it goes !!

Two Faced Hypocrite

Two Faced Hypocrite. That is an apt characterization of Hochul. In office for a year, she has exposed herself to be as much of a scheming politician as her predecessor Cuomo. The little known Upstater has grown up fast. Under a thin veil of humanity she conceals a calculating coniver. She is a base Democratic manipulator like the others from her party over the past several decades. Her outrageous pay to play schemes reward large contributors with lucrative state contracts. Two Faced Hypocrite. At least Cuomo did not pretend to be anything other than a machine pol !!

Kushner’s Tell All

Kushner’s Tell All. Jared Kushner’s soon to be released memoir details his discussions with Cuomo in the early days of covid. Speaking of the infamous nursing home mandate, Cuomo said the coronavirus could sweep through health care facilities “like fire in dry grass”. And so it did. Approximately 15,000 elderly innocents perished when the state required nursing homes to admit patients regardless of their covid status. To compound the tragedy, the Cuomo administration consciously and deliberately underreported fatalities among seniors. This was to make the disgraced ex Governor look good as he promoted his self-laudatory book on his supposed leadership during the pandemic. Families of victims are clamoring for accountability and possible criminal charges. Kushner’s Tell All. The blood of innocents cries out for JUSTICE !!

Deflecting Blame

Deflecting Blame. Hochul is looking to divert attention away from bail reforms. In response to criticisms from both sides of the aisle that bail reforms are causing the surge in violent crime, she demurred. She instead places the onus on judges who release offenders. Baloney ! Hochul and her predecessor Cuomo are squarely to blame for the emergency. Their soft on crime policies allow repeat offenders to be returned to the streets. Mayor Eric Adams has called for a reversal of course. Hochul is heedless, fearing the liberal left which she dare not cross in an election year. Meanwhile the streets and subways are no longer safe. The blood of many innocents is on her hands and the ex Governor. Deflecting Blame. Hochul the incumbent needs to own up to the fact that her policies are the root cause !!

Looming Deficits

Looming Deficits. The New York Post reports a watchdog predicts state budgetary shortfalls in each of the next 5 years. The culprit is Hochul’s runaway spending that threatens to put New York in the red. Expenditures increased by 47 Billion from 2020 to 2022. Hochul and her predecessor Cuomo ballooned the budget by enacting massive social program disbursements. The Democratic legislature is equally responsible for this mess. They irresponsibly spent federal covid money on their left wing agenda. Now that such funds have dried up there has been no corresponding fiscal restraint. Compounding the problem is a likely decrease in income tax revenues. Employment statewide is only 80 percent of pre-covid levels. It is not expected to catch up for several years. Looming Deficits. Let New York taxpayers and voters beware the financial carnage !!