A Tale of 2 Govs

A Tale of 2 Govs. The administrations of Cuomo and Hochul present a Study in Contrasts. Cuomo ruled through fear and intimidation. He bullied and imposed his will. He surrounded himself with like minded thugs. His female cronies called themselves Mean Girls. His tenure was marked by unethical conduct. Hochul on the other hand has tread the straight and narrow. Since succeeding to the top job she has carefully avoided her predecessors tactics. She cleaned house of his appointees. Through the covid crisis and omicron surge she has resisted shutdowns. All the while she is coalition building in advance of her re-election campaign. A Tale of 2 Guvs. Hochuls playbook is to avoid the ptfalls and excesses of the disgraced ex Governor !!

Stand By Your Man

Stand By Your Man. Cuomo confidante Melissa DeRosa ferociously defends her ex boss. This week she tweeted disparaging remarks about his accusers. She decried “those ‘victims’…aka witness tamperers & self-described ‘Cuomo’s Hoes’.” The tweet was later taken down. She was referring to 4 wronged women and Lindsey Boylan in particular who allegedly threatened Empire Development Corp head Howard Zemsky. The mudslinging goes on and on. DeRosa reportedly admitted last year that the Governor’s staff understated the number of nursing home deaths from fear it would be “used against us”. Cuomo appears to have a powerful hold on his inner circle. Stand By Your Man. Loretta Lynn herself would find the searing loyalty to be REMARKABLE !!

Damning Videos

Damning Videos. Letitia James office has released the video of Chris Cuomo’s sworn testimony. It confirms that little brother advised the ex Governor on the sexual harassment charges. The egregious breach of professional ethics ultimately led to his firing by CNN. Also disclosed was the admission by Howard Zemsky, head of Empire Development Corp., that Andrew offered to play strip poker with accuser Lindsey Boylan. The tapes don’t lie. The Cuomo camp was guilty as sin. Their actions are corroborated by the evidence. The videos capture the lawless practices of the disgraced pol and his inner circle. A trail of ruined lives and careers ensued. Damning Videos. The record has been set straight by the incriminating exhibits !!

Sweet Heart Deal

Sweet Heart Deal. Former SUNY head Jim Malatras is exiting with a Golden Parachute. The disgraced educator will be paid 450,000 for a one year Study Leave. He then will receive an 186,000 annual salary as a tenured Professor at Empire State College. These arrangements are a disgrace to the public university system. Malatras was forced out over profane text messages he sent cronies concerning Cuomo accuser Lindsey Boylan. The disparaging remarks were unbecoming to his office. He was a long time ally of Cuomo. That the SUNY system should provide so generously for him following his resignation defies comprehension. Sweet Heart Deal. We can only imagine what other goodies will be in store for Cuomo confidantes !!

Bulging Coffers

Bulging Coffers. The New York Times reports that Cuomo has 16 Million Dollars in his campaign war chest. That is down from the 18 Million he had on hand when he left office in August. During the most recent reporting period he took in 200 Thousand in donations and spent 2 Million. Much of that went to pay legal bills. His personal lawyer Rita Glavin was paid 900 Thousand. 42 Thousand was expended to Bulldog Strategies, the public relations firm of long time spokesman Rich Azzopardi. While his financial reserves are sizable, they lag the fundraising of Kathy Hochul. In the 5 months since becoming Governor she has raised 21 Million. Bulging Coffers. Both Cuomo and Hochul have the means to do battle in the high priced world of New York Politics !!

Malatras Leaves Office

Malatras Leaves Office. Jim Malatras departed his job as Chief of the SUNY system last week. He resigned in December over revelations of profane text messages targeting Cuomo accuser Lindsey Boylan. They were circulated among the former Governor’s inner circle. Malatras was a long time Cuomo confidante. He had been appointed to head the 64 campus, 400,000 student state university. That he should besmirch a courageous accuser is beyond comprehension. Entrusted with setting educational policy, he violated the integrity of his office. He proved to be an unprincipled and unethical thug like so many of the Cuomo cronies. Malatras Leaves Office. And not a moment too soon for higher education in New York !!

Hochul: Covid Cases Trending Downward

Hochul: Covid Cases Trending Downward. In a weekend announcement she reported new cases have declined by 47 percent. That is welcome news for New Yorkers. She indicated we can not let down our guard, explainig “We are turning the corner on the winter surge, but we’re not through this yet. Please keep getting vaccinated, getting the booster dose, getting our children vaccinated, and wearing non-cloth masks. Let’s not undo all the hard work we’ve put in to bring the numbers down.” Her approach to the health crisis is in stark contrast to Cuomos. Hochul has counseled vigilance and enacted a mask mandate. The former Governor took drastic measures, which involved lockdowns of the State economy. He moreover required closures of schools, public venues, and houses of worship. The effect was to freeze and cripple small businesses. Thousands closed for good. Many more are limping along. Hochul: Covid Cases Trending Downward. She has governed wisely unlike Cuomo the Despot !!

Glavin: Attorney Generals Report Was Shoddy

Glavin: Attorney Generals Report Was Shoddy. Cuomo lawyer Rita Glavin added that its outcome was Predetermined. She said the inquiry was One Sided and overlooked exonerating evidence. Strong words from a ferocious street fighter. The Cuomo camp is launching a counter attack. Reaction was swift from Letitia James. Her spokesman said such “lies continue in an effort to mask the truth.” The disgraced ex Governor and his cronies are not going away quietly. They are poised to do battle to the bitter end. Expect more vitriol from his people. Glavin: Attorney Generals Report Was Shoddy. The push is on as he prepares a political comeback !!

CNN Ratings Plummet

CNN Ratings Plummet. The cable news network has lost over 2 Million viewers year over year. The decline is due in large part to the Chris Cuomo scandal. He was ultimately fired by boss Jeff Zucker over revelations he advised brother Andrew on combatting the sexual harassment allegations. He lost his lucrative Seven Figure annual salary for hosting Prime Time. Like the former Governor, he has retreated in disgrace. Their fall is of epic proportions. Cable television is a Big Business, and the viewership drop means Millions in lost revenue. CNN Ratings Plummet. The fallout from the Cuomo scandals continues to leave a trail of devastation !!

Glavin Slings Mud

Glavin Slings Mud. Cuomo lawyer Rita Glavin has leveled charges against accuser Lindsey Boylan. She said recently uncovered evidence suggests Boylan had an encounter with former Empire State Development CEO Howard Zemsky that was “more than professional”. She also claims that Boylan threatened to ruin Zemsky’s life through an app message. The Cuomo camp has launched its counter attack. They are looking to discredit Ms. Boylan. The smear campaign is underway. Little else could have been expected from this Gang of Thugs. They care nothing about ethics and tactics as they fight back. Glavin Slings Mud. Expect more of the same in the days to come !!