James to Run for Governor

James to Run for Governor. The Attorney General is expected to announce her candidacy this week. She will challenge Kathy Hochul in the primary. Letitia James has a history of breaking through barriers. She is the first woman and African-American to win the Attorney General job. A native of Brooklyn, she was educated at Lehman College and Howard University Law School. She entered politics as a candidate for NYC Council on the liberal Working Party ticket. As AG she has aggressively pursued adversaries including Donald Trump, Andrew Cuomo, and the National Rifle Association. The Cuomo camp has derided her investigation into sexual harassment as politically motivated. Her damning report ultimately lead to the ex-Governor’s resignation. She joins a crowded field of potential candidates for the State’s top job. James to Run for Governor. It was just a matter of time before she threw her hat into the ring !!

Slanting the Truth

Slanting the Truth. The Cuomo camp is attempting to re-write history. At her news conference last week the his lead attorney Rita Glavin sought to put a spin on events. She claimed the Attorney General’s report “prejudiced the governor, overturned the election and disenfranchised 3.6 million votes.” What will she come up with next ? Cuomo resigned in disgrace. Letitia James comprehensive report corroborated the claims of 11 credible accusers. The women courageously came forward to speak of the wrongdoing he inflicted on them. The Cuomo cronies portray the investigation as politically motivated. James is reportedly mulling her own run for Governor next year. Slanting the Truth. New York voters can see through the smoke and mirrors of the Cuomo camp !!

Hochul Declares War on Harassment

Hochul Declares War on Harassment. The Governor has announced a sweeping program to combat intimidation in state government. She is hiring the law firm of Calcagni Kanefsky, LLP to investigate complaints. The Newark, New Jersey law firm has many former prosecutors on staff. In an address to state workers, she said that there is “no place for bullying or intimidation, sexual harassment, disparagement or mistreatment, period” She indicated every allegation will be thoroughly investigated. Hochul is taking the appropriate steps to safeguard against future abuses. She is clearly distancing herself from the wrongdoing of her predecessor, Andrew Cuomo. Hochul Declares War on Harassment. She is to be commended for her courage and determination !!

Hochul’s Fundraising Plans

Hochul’s Fundraising Plans. The New York Governor is looking to raise 25 Million for her election campaign. That is the word as she mounts a re-election bid. Hochul will need major contributions for a media blitz. She needs to overcome lack of name recognition among Downstate voters. Her political base has been Western New York, far from New York City and its suburbs. Early polls show her ahead of likely contenders Letitia James and Jumaane Williams. She is appealing to progressive voters, tailoring her agenda to them. The previously unknown Lieutenant Governor has shifted gears to get her message out. Hochul’s Fundraising Plans. If successful, the formidable goal should secure her another 4 years in the State House !!

A Disgraced Pol’s Legacy

A Disgraced Pol’s Legacy. 2 months have passed since Cuomo left office. In that time he has maintained a low profile. He has delegated surrogates like long-time confidantes Rick Azzopardi and Rita Glavin to begin the counter attack. The vitriol is intensifying as they attempt to mend his legacy. The Governor was in office for nearly 11 years. He ran New York like his own personal fiefdom. He used bullying and intimidation to impose his will. Believing himself to be above the law, he became progressively more abusive to those around him. He hit rock bottom with repeated harassment of female associates. He sullied his own achievements as Chief Executive. His deplorable acts tarnished a decades worth of governing. A Disgraced Pol’s Legacy. He faces an uphill battle as he tries to REHABILITATE HIS RECORD !!

Early Polls

Early Polls. Recent canvasses of likely voters show Kathy Hochul ahead in next years race for Governor. In the 2 months since taking over following Cuomo’s resignation, she has established herself as the early Frontrunner. That is remarkable considering her lack of name recognition downstate prior to taking the reigns. She has proven to be a tireless worker catering to left of center constituents. Hochul outpolls better known prospects such as Letitia James and Jumaane Williams. Clearly she is making the right moves as she contends for re-election. The oddsmakers see her winning both the Democratic primary and race for Governor. Early Polls. All indications are that Hochul is HERE TO STAY !!

Glavin Calls James Report Biased

Glavin Calls James Report Biased. Speaking at Wednesdays news conference, Cuomo’s lead counsel trashed the Attorney General’s investigation. Glavin said the report was not independent. She termed it a hatchet job motivated by Letitia James own political ambitions. She went so far as to describe it as an ambush. Glavin charged the report was “…riddled with countless inconsistencies, omissions, errors, and distortions and cannot be relied upon by the assembly or any other body.” Tough talk from Cuomo’s pit bull. She called for an investigation into the AG’s investigation. She insisted that James should recuse herself. Glavin Calls Report Biased. The Cuomo camp is fighting back with a vengeance !!

Glavin Holds News Conference

Glavin Holds News Conference. Cuomo’s lead counsel spoke out yesterday on Letitia James damning report. Rita Glavin has emerged as the ex Governor’s pit bull. She is intensely loyal to her client. She defends him to the end. Glavin took exception to the Attorney General’s report on sexual harassment. She dismissed it as politically motivated. James is testing the waters on her own run for Governor next year. She is outpolled by Kathy Hochul. NYC Public Advocate Jumaane Williams is also reportedly considering a run. While it is still early, the Cuomo scandals are likely to weigh heavily in the campaigns. Glavin refuses to quit, smearing James in the face of credible accusations by 11 wronged women. Glavin Holds News Conference. Expect more propaganda from the lawyers as they DEFEND THEIR MAN !!

Hochul Picks Up Endorsements

Hochul Picks Up Endorsements. She has already received backing from key New Yorkers. Jay Jacobs, State Democratic Chairman, has come out for her. He was a long time Cuomo ally. She has also been endorsed by NAACP President Hazel Dukes. These expressions of support are major advancements to her re-election campaign. Hochul faces a challenging bid given her prior lack of name recognition downstate. Her previous power base was in her native Western New York. She currently is the only declared candidate for Governor. Letitia James and Jummane Williams are testing the waters for a possible run. Hochul beats them in early polls. She is making the right moves as she establishes herself as a credible candidate. Hochul Picks Up Endorsements. She is clearly the frontrunner at this point !!

Hochul Apologizes to Families

Hochul Apologizes to Families. The Governor met privately with loved ones who perished from covid in nursing homes. She said they need to know that government listens and actually cares and gives a damn about them. This is a decided step in the right direction. After the arrogance of the Cuomo administration that resulted in thousands of fatalities, she is coming to grips with the aftermath. She has fired Howard Zucker, the infamous Health Commissioner on whose watch the tragedy occurred. This is part of her Albany House Cleaning. Gone are Cuomo cronies in high places. Hochul Apologizes to Families. We commend her for laying the groundwork for healing and renewal !!!!