Who’s Boss

Who’s Boss. The far left is showing Hochul who’s in charge. Their rejection of the LaSalle nomination is an assertion of power by liberal Democrats. The Governor seriously miscalculated their fierce independence. She is left weakened and humiliated. Her own partisans are turning against her. She appears incompetent and inexperienced. Her predecessor Cuomo would never have so seriously blundered. He ruled for a decade through force of will. Hochul in contrast is not schooled in the rough and tumble world of Albany politics. Who’s Boss. The Governor must lick her wounds and learn from the debacle !!

Falling Short

Falling Short. Hector LaSalle’s nomination did not muster enough votes to pass the Senate Judiciary Committee. His bid to head the Court of Appeals is dead for now. 10 Democrats on the 19 member Committee went against him. It is an affront to the large and vibrant Hispanic community. He would have been the first Latino to head the state’s highest court. Hochul shows no signs of backing down. She is hiring a litigator to sue to force a full vote by the Senate. She will likely seek support of Republican legislators. The matter is far from settled. Falling Short. The liberal left flank is again rearing its ugly head !!

Battle Lines

Battle Lines. They have been drawn in the fight over Hector LaSalle. Hochul’s nominee will undergo questioning today by the Senate Judiciary Committee. The exchange is likely to be heated. The Governor’s candidate has come under fire from the political left. They claim that LaSalle is too conservative. They cite rulings that frame him as anti abortion and anti union. Women’s rights groups and organized labor have come out against him. In his defense Hochul has been calling in markers. She has enlisted the support of House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries. The heavy artillery has been called out. Battle Lines. The confrontation has far reaching implications for New York politics !!

Mandate Null, Void

Mandate Null, Void. A judge has ruled against the state requirement that health care workers be inoculated against COVID 19. The regulation had gone into effect under Cuomo and continued by Hochul. Justice Gerard Neri of the Supreme Court handed down the decision. He wrote that it has been shown that the vaccine does not prevent transmission of the virus. It was clearly an overreach of the executive branch. The Governor unlawfully compelled health professionals to get the shot. Thousands who declined to do so lost their jobs. The decision is likely to be appealed. Already the Department of Health is raising objections. The matter is far from settled. Mandate Null, Void. The courts are ruling to reign in the unchecked powers of the Imperial Governor !!

Fighting Back

Fighting Back. Hochul is digging in her heels in support of Hector LaSalle. She is unwavering in pursuing his nomination to be Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals. The Senate Judiciary Committee will conduct hearings on Wednesday. Already several Democrats have declares their opposition. It could die in committee and not advance to the Senate floor. Hochul could pursue the matter in the courts to force a vote. She is playing a dangerous game. She is burning important political capital in advance of the upcoming budget battle. Judge LaSalle deserves full consideration. He would be the first Latino to head the state’s highest court. The important Hispanic community is woefully underrepresented in statewide office. The Governor may turn to Republicans to salvage the nomination. Fighting Back. On this Martin Luther King Day we hope Judge LaSalle is given a fair chance !!

Eminently Qualified

Eminently Qualified. That is what Hochul says of Hector LaSalle. She continues to support her nominee for Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals. She insists that he be given a fair hearing. Hochul resists calls from far left legislators to pull his nomination. They claim he is too conservative based on court decisions he has handed down. They say he is anti union, anti abortion, and anti sue process. Hochul disagrees, maintaining his rulings have been taken out of context. The impasse is a test of the Governor’s mettle. She needs to ward off the liberal challenge to her authority. Eminently Qualified. The political tug of war will show who is in charge in Albany !!

No New Taxes

No New Taxes. That is the word from Andrea Stewart-Cousins. She said that Hochul has made it clear that tax increases are off the table this year. That is a relief to the ultra affluent who are already being taxed to death. The excessive levies have driven thousands of wealthy residents out of the state. New York can not afford to lose any more. Unfortunately such restraint was not shared by Carl Heastie and Democratic progressives. They are clamoring for even more soaking of the rich. Where it will end is anyone’s guess. No New Taxes. Here’s hoping that sane heads will prevail to stem the outflow of the our most productive citizens !!

Delusional Reality

Delusional Reality. That is what Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay calls Hochul’s plan to ban gas stoves. The outrageous proposal is a government intrusion into people’s homes. The rationale is to cut greenhouse emissions. She would also ban gas hot water heaters and oil furnaces. The conversion to electric cooking would place an undue burden on already struggling restaurants. It shows how the Governor is beholden to the woke far left. She evidently has several loose screws. Delusional Reality. This must be stopped in its tracks before ever having chance to become law !!

Senate Race

Senate Race. Kirsten Gillibrand has announced her re-election bid for 2024. The junior Democratic Senator from New York occupies the seat vacated by Hillary Clinton. Pundits are already urging Lee Zeldin to run on the Republican line. He gave up his congressional job to run for Governor. He mounted a spirited campaign and nearly pulled off what would have been an historic upset. Zeldin came within 5 points of beating Hochul. That was the best showing by a GOP candidate for statewide office in a generation. He combines vision, ability, and youthful dynamism. His star is rising in heavily blue New York. Senate Race. The Draft Zeldin movement is already underway !!

Garbled Agenda

Garbled Agenda. Hochul’s State of State failed to offer a clear cut roadmap for going forward. The address was long on platitudes but short on specifics. She paid lip service to stemming the tide of out migration. She spoke of the need to make New York safer and more affordable. Beyond the generalities she laid out some alarming proposals. As part of a sweeping program to build 800,000 housing units over the next decade she would take charge of local zoning and review policies. She also calls for indexing minimum wage increases to the rate of inflation. This would make it even more expensive for small businesses to operate here, effectively strangling cash flow. Garbled Agenda. Hochul is already floundering one week into her new term !!