Hochul Ahead in Poll

Hochul Ahead in Poll. She leads Zeldin by 14 points in the latest Siena College poll. She holds a commanding 50 point lead in New York City. Zeldin has a tight 3 point margin upstate and in the New York suburbs. All is not lost for the GOP. There are 3 months until Election Day. Dissatisfaction with Joe Biden is at an all time high. To win Zeldin must cut into her lead in NYC. Her soft on crime policies do not play well there with middle class minority voters there. Zeldin also needs to pull ahead upstate and in the New York suburbs. Hochul Ahead in Poll. The race will be hotly contested in the run up to November !!

Andrew Steers Clear from Chris’ Show

Andrew Steers Clear of Chris’ Show, That is the exclusive report from Page Six. The disgraced ex Governor will not be appearing on lil bro’s new nightly broadcast on NewsNation. Their previous banter on CNN contributed to their mutual downfalls. They had a repulsive exchange during the height of the pandemic. They cracked jokes and mused about family rivalries. It was totally inappropriate in the midst of the worst public health crisis in a century. Chris evidently will go it alone this time. He reportedly is shying away from hard news coverage. Instead he is focusing on soft entertainment such as cooking and celebrities. His new network hopes he will bolster sagging ratings. It likely will offer him a modest package with no expensive perks. Andrew Steers Clear of Chris’ Show. How the mighty have fallen !!

Corrupt Associate

Corrupt Associate. Cuomo confidante Steve Pigeon was sentenced to one year in jail and 5,000 fine for bribing a State Supreme Court Judge. Pigeon, the former Erie County Democratic Party chairman, pled guilty to bribing Judge John Michalek. The disgraced jurist also did a year in prison for the misdeed. This is part of the ongoing corruption among Democratic officials. Cuomo relied on Pigeon as his point man in Western New York. It harkens to the malfeasance surrounding the former Governor’s Buffalo Billion case. Dem pols play free and easy with the public trust. It will only end when 2 party rule is restored to New York. Corrupt Associate. The trail leads uncomfortably close to Cuomo and his people !!

Maher Interview A Bust

Maher Interview A Bust. The much anticipated exchange with Chris Cuomo did not pan out. Maher, an avowed friend of the wayward journalist, asked a series of soft questions. No hard nosed probing inquiries here. Cuomo said he lost a sense of purpose following his ouster from CNN. He added that brother Andrew has struggled since resigning from office. He explained that his father Mario did not run for President because he felt himself unworthy of the job. All in all a bunch of generalities and blather. Maher Interview A Bust.. Hardly incisive journalism !!

Bill Maher to Interview Chris Cuomo Tonight

Bill Maher to Interview Chris Cuomo Tonight. The interchange will take place on HBO’s Real Time. It follows an interview earlier this week with Dan Abrams of NewsNation. In that Chris revealed he will start hosting an evening broadcast on the start up network. Cuomo is going full throttle with his plans to re-enter the airwaves. He laid low for 7 months following his unceremonious firing by CNN. He was collared for helping Andrew fight the sexual harassment charges. He was also called to task for his own harassment incident. It distresses us that he is attempting a comeback. The Cuomo name is DAMAGED GOODS for both brothers. New Yorkers are fed up with their unsavory behavior. The public has moved on from them. Bill Maher to Interview Chris Cuomo Tonight. As if anyone cares to hear what he has to say !!

Cuomo Staffer Killed in Accident

Cuomo Staffer Killed in Accident. Former aid Sidney Wolf, 43, died after being struck by a car. The tragedy occurred on a highway in Delaware. Wolf and friends called Lyft to take them to a beach. An argument arose with the driver who ordered them out of the car in the middle of a freeway. Wolf was then struck and killed by another vehicle. Lyft immediately terminated the drive. Police are investigating. Cuomo released a statement that he is shocked and saddened by the tragedy. He praised Wolf as a great public servant and family man. It is yet another dark chapter for the former Governor. Cuomo Staffer Killed in Accident. We extend our condolences to the family !!

Chris Cuomo to Host on NewsNation

Chris Cuomo to Host on NewsNation. He made the announcement last evening while being interviewed by Dan Abrams. Cuomo will anchor a prime time news and commentary program on the upstart network. NewsNation is considerably smaller than his former employer CNN. They are looking for a ratings boost from the controversial journalist. He denied trying to influence media coverage of his disgraced brother. That runs counter to emails and text messages that have come to light. He is determined to muscle his way back into the airways. He has consciously been trying to renter the public arena. Chris Cuomo to Host on NewsNation. Who cares ? !!

Chris To Give Interview

Chris To Give Interview. Disgraced former anchor man Chris Cuomo will appear at 9 P.M. ET on NewsNation. He will speak with Dan Abrams Live. The broadcast is part of his conscious effort to rehabilitate his public persona. It started with him posting photos of himself on Instagram from the Ukrainian front. Last week he debuted his new podcast The Chris Cuomo Show. Now he is giving his first interview since being booted from CNN for helping his brother combat the sexual harassment charges. He has filed a mind blowing 125 Million arbitration case against the network claiming damages. Like Andrew he can not accept reality that he is old news. Both brothers time has passed. New Yorkers have moved on from them. Chris to Give Interview. It amounts to a pathetic attempt to remain relevant amid all the self inflicted damage !!

Regrets – He Has A Few

Regrets РHe Has A Few. Chris Cuomo professes to have regrets about how his tenure at CNN ended. In the same breath he says he has no regrets about helping his brother. He evidently is torn and conflicted. The more likely scenario is that he regrets what personally hurt him. Despite his appeals to traditional family bonds, he in reality cares nothing about his attacks on the women who accused the disgraced former Governor of harassment. It was part of his family’s use and abuse tactics. They lived for themselves and the moment without regard to the harm they inflicted. Regrets РHe Has A Few. The brothers Cuomo are paying a steep price for their double dealing !!

Another Violent Outburst

Another Violent Outburst. NYPD officers shot a Queens man who threatened to assassinate Kathy Hochul and NY Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell. This comes on the heels of the attack on Lee Zeldin in suburban Rochester. It harkens to the old refrain, What is the world coming to ? Both candidates for Governor were in harms way this past week. It is an outgrowth of the soft on crime policies of disgraced Andrew Cuomo. The bail reforms instituted on his watch have been continued by Hochul. The Democratic administrations have given rise to unchecked violence. New Yorkers no longer feel safe in their homes or on the streets and subways. Zeldin offers the promise of a return to law and order. And not a minute too soon. Another Violent Outburst. Where this will end is anyone’s guess !!