Accountability on Campaign Cash

Accountability on Campaign Cash. That is what watchdog groups are looking for. Cuomo has upwards of 18 Million Dollars left in his campaign coffers. He is reportedly using the funds to pay staff and legal bills. It was raised during his tenure in office. Expenditures for attorneys are especially suspect. The Board of Elections needs to provide guidance whether such disbursements are lawful. There was precedent under former Governor Eliot Spitzer. He contributed his remaining campaign funds to charity after resigning in disgrace. Cuomo should do the same. He should not use a multi million dollar war chest to finance a political comeback. Accountability on Campaign Cash. Deprive the ex Governor of the big money needed to seek re-election, especially here in New York !!

Hochul Frontrunner in Primary Race

Hochul Frontrunner in Primary Race. That is the finding of a Marist poll released today. In a 4 way contest, Hochul would prevail at 36%, compared to 24% for Letitia James, 24% for Jumane James, and 9% for Cuomo. The smarting revelation is that 77% of New York voters do not want Cuomo to run again. That is unexpectedly bad news for the former Governor. He is clearly testing the waters for a political comeback. Having tasted of power for a decade, it is hard for him to relinquish control. With an 18 Million Dollar war chest, he has the financial means to mount a re-election bid. Hochul is seen as doing an adequate job. 49% of voters view her favorably. Frontrunner in Primary Race. At least for now she is embraced by New Yorkers who repudiate Andrew Cuomo.

Glavin: Legislators Face Harassment Charges

Glavin: Legislators Face Harassment Charges. That is the prediction of Cuomo’s personal attorney. She maintains that members of the Assembly and Senate could be liable for similar accusations. The standards to which the former Governor was subjected could also apply to others. Glavin has emerged as Cuomo’s pit bull. She is seeking to discredit the forthcoming Assembly report on her client. She wants to avoid potential impeachment proceedings that would bar him from ever again holding state office. That would thwart his political comeback. Indications are that he is preparing to run for Governor again next year. Stranger things have happened. Glavin: Legislators Face Harassment Charges. Expect more vitriol as she defends Cuomo and keeps his options open !!

Cash Pours In

Cash Pours In. The Cuomo campaign is still accepting donations. This is a travesty that must be addressed. He reportedly has over 18 million in his slush fund. His website still contains a link to contribute. Rumors are rampant that he is planning a run next year for Governor. His war chest far outdistances those of his potential rivals. Over 18 Million Dollars remains in his coffers. His overblown Ego stokes the fires. Having wielded power for a decade, he finds it hard to sit on the sidelines. His carefully orchestrated program of Image Rebuilding is well underway. Avoiding further controversy, he is photographed fishing with his loyal dog Captain. At the time of his resignation this Blog predicted he would not go quietly. Cash Pours In. That says eons about his future intentions !!

Glavin Attacks Accusations

Glavin Attacks Accusations. Cuomo’s lawyer Rita Glavin casts aspersions on the legal charges of sexual harassment. In a letter she declared the allegations do not meet the standards of sexual harassment set forth in law. This is more of the same from the former Governor’s inner circle. They seek to discredit the claims brought against him. It is a disheartening effort to fight back and deflect. The Cuomo team is desperate to avoid formal impeachment proceedings. That would bar him for life from ever again holding state office. All indications are that he is mulling a political comeback. He appears to be testing the waters for a possible run for Governor in 2022. Glavin Attacks Accusations. It is part of a well orchestrated strategy to return to turn the tables in Cuomo’s favor !!

Hochul Demanded Federal Job

Hochul Demanded Federal Job. That was her price for leaving the Cuomo ticket in 2022. She reportedly sought an Ambassadorship to Canada or Ireland. That was turned down by the White House. She settled for Undersecretary of Commerce. It all went down the drain as scandal engulfed the Governor and he was forced to resign in his run for re-election next year. He wanted to dump her in favor of a minority as Lieutenant Governor to balance the ticket. Hochul evidently has a high opinion of herself. She has announced her plans to run next year. Her prospects are dim, given her voter base in Upstate New York, far from NYC and its suburbs. Indications are that Attorney General Letitia James, a formidable opponent, will challenge her in the primary. Hochul Demanded Federal Job. Her ambitions belie her modest demeanor !!

Cousins Urges Introspection

Cousins Urges Introspection. The Senate Majority Leader encourages Cuomo to engage in reflection in the aftermath of his resignation. Speaking to the media, Andrea Stewart Cousins decried the ex Governor’s self-serving comments. He lashed out at Letitia James and her damning report, saying it was politically motivated. Meanwhile he continues his campaign to mend his image. He again posted photos on Instagram of him fishing with his dog Captain. Cuomo clearly is attempting to rehabilitate his persona. This blog believes he is preparing to mount a comeback. He may run for Governor again next year. Anything is possible given his oversized ego and thirst for power. The Gentle Fisherman is not the Andrew Cuomo we have come to know !!

Cuomo Planned to Can Hochul

Cuomo Planned to Can Hochul. That was before scandals enveloped his administration that led to his downfall. Aides reportedly told Kathy Hochul she would be off the 2022 ticket. Cuomo was planning his 4th run for Governor. He was seeking diversity. He felt she did not appeal to increasingly ascendant progressives in New York City. He wanted a minority to balance the ticket. Cuomo consciously sought to marginalize her. The great irony is that she is now Governor and he is on the outside looking in. How the Mighty Have Fallen. Cuomo Planned to Can Hochul. It is a reversal of fortune of epic proportions !!

Dangerous Moment

Dangerous Moment. That is how Andrew Cuomo characterized the state of affairs in New York. In a statement to campaign supporters he spoke of “government incompetence”. Does this mean he is plotting a political comeback ? This Blog believes he may run for Governor next year,. Having tasted of power for a decade, he is reluctant to relinquish control. While inconceivable, do not count him out. His arrogance knows no bound. Longtime crony Speaker Carl Heastie says it is illegal to impeach him now that he has resigned. A conviction would bar him from ever again holding state office. Clearly the groundwork is being laid for a comeback. Dangerous Moment. The real danger is that the disgraced Andrew Cuomo may again seek elected office.

Accusers Speak Out

Accusers Speak Out. Camille Rivera and Heidi Sieck take Cuomo to task in a Daily News op-ed. They blast his attacks on the women he wronged. They cite his failure to take responsibility for his actions. The disgraced former Governor continues his vitriol. Instead of owning up to his transgressions, he lashes out. He dismisses Letitia James report as politically motivated. He accuses her of ruining his career in her bid to run for Governor next year. They point out that he ended his own career by groping women without thought to the consequences. They decry his  harassment, violence and bullying. He is seen as pathetically attempting a political comeback. Accusers Speak Out. The voices of these courageous women will not be silenced !!