Cuomo to Challenge Book Clawback

Cuomo to Challenge Book Clawback. His lawyers are preparing to nullify the JCOPE’s ruling that he must repay the 5.1 Million Dollar memoir advance. Attorney Jim McGuire has filed an evidence preservation request. He termed the Commission’s action to be politically motivated and arbitrary and capricious. He said it violated lawful procedure. The dispute stems from allegations that Cuomo used state employees to write, edit and promote the volume. “American Crisis” was a self laudatory missive that extolled his Leadership during the Covid Crisis. The matter is likely to be tied up in the courts for a long time. Cuomo to Challenge Book Clawback. The fallout continues from the lurid scandals and controversies !!

Building Momentum

Building Momentum. Andrew Cuomo is picking up steam as he battles back. Just 5 months ago his career appeared to be over. Facing certain impeachment, he resigned in disgrace. He was the subject of investigations by at least 5 District Attorneys. Since then the tide has decidedly turned. The Legislature will not pursue impeachment proceedings against him. A conviction would have barred him from elective office in New York for the rest of his life. 4 DAs – in Nassau, Westchester, Manhattan, and Albany, have dropped cases against him. Armed with an 18 Million Dollar war chest, he is poised to launch a comeback. Rumors abound that he may enter this years Democratic primary for Governor. He is too egotistical and power hungry to fade into the background. Building Momentum. The next chapter awaits as he plots and schemes !!

Azzopardi Starts PR Company

Azzopardi Starts PR Company. The long time Cuomo spokesman has founded Bulldog Strategies. Rick Azzopardi has never avoided controversy. He has been a ferocious defender of the former Governor throughout the encircling scandals. He was Cuomo’s in house pit bull. He commented, “I’ve never shied away from the tough challenges as few battles worth waging are easy. Experience and expertise matter and if you hire Bulldog Strategies, you will get a battle-tested, and relentless advocate who will fight tooth and nail for you.” Amen to that. Cuomo will reportedly be the first client of the new firm. Azzopardi Starts PR Company. He will be a relentless advocate as his disgraced mentor plots his political comeback !!

Hochul Picks Up Endorsements

Hochul Picks Up Endorsements. The Fire Fighters Union has thrown its support behind her. Andre Ansbro, president of the FDNY union, said she “has earned the trust and the confidence of New York City firefighters.” Hochul reached out to the Department for 9/11 commemoration within days of becoming Governor. She has also received the backing of  the New York State Tourism Association and the NYC Hotel Association. She has sponsored relief for the beleagured hospitality industry. The Governor is proving to be a savvy politician. She is currying the support of organized labor. She is far ahead of her rivals in the race for re-election. She has outpaced them in fundraising and endorsements. In this regard she mirrors the political acumen of her predecessor, Cuomo. He was a product of the Queens political machine. His old style tactics led to 3 consecutive victories at the polls. Hochul Picks Up Endorsements. She is following Cuomo’s playbook without his self destructive policies !!

Taking Stock

Taking Stock. Amid the fallout from the Cuomo scandals, it is time to assess all that has transpired. Andrew Cuomo was just the second Governor in New York history to resign from office. The damning Letitia James report made for a certain impeachment. In the aftermath, he has been hanging low. He declines to admit guilt and culpability. His lawyers and spokesmen have portrayed events as a political hatchet job. Armed with an 18 Million Dollar war chest, he is equipped to do battle. Speculation is rife that he is planning a comeback. His recent success in getting 4 District Attorneys to drop prosecutions gives him momentum. Taking Stock. The Cuomo camp is orchestrating his Second Act as they put their spin on his wrongdoing !!

Judge Dismisses Case

Judge Dismisses Case. Albany City Court Judge Holly Trexler dismissed the charge against Cuomo yesterday. She went along with DA David Soares who had asked for a dismissal. Gone is the sole criminal charge against the disgraced former Governor. He had been accused by aide Britanny Commisso of forcibly groping her. Soares maintained he lacked sufficient evidence to win a conviction. Reaction was swift from the Cuomo camp. Attorney Rita Glavin commented, “Today, reason and the rule of law prevailed. Not politics, rhetoric or mob mentality.” Cuomo has been riding high on a string of favorable rulings. In addition to the Albany case, District Attorneys in Nassau, Westchester, and Manhattan have withdrawn prosecutions. The Governor is playing victim, claiming his resignation was forced by dirty politics. Judge Dismisses Case. Momentum is mounting as he plots his comeback !!

Cuomo to Make Virtual Court Appearance

Cuomo to Make Virtual Court Appearance. He will appear remotely in Albany City Court. The DA has requested that the judge dismiss the charge. David Soares explained that the charge would be impossible to prove in court. The case has been marred from the outset. Former aide Brittany Commisso alleged the Governor forcibly groped her at the Executive Mansion. While finding her to be cooperative and credible, Soares characterized the case as “potentially Defective”. The charge had been made by Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple without prior discussions with Soares or Cuomo’s legal counsel. So the wily ex Governor and his advisors appear to have beaten the case and prevailed. Justice will not be served. Cuomo to Make Virtual Court Appearance. He remains a free yet discredited man !!

Accuser Disappointed with DA’s Decision

Accuser Disappointed with DA’s Decision. Britanny Commisso said that is the reason most victims remain silent. She added that is why the injured fail to come forward. Her comments come in the wake of the Albany County District Attorney’s statement he will not pursue Cuomo for forcible groping. The misdemeanor charge could have carried up to one year in jail. The ex Governor again walks. He has been riding a wave of favorable similar actions by other DA’s. The stunning developments make a mockery of the judicial system. While acknowledging the women are credible, the prosecutors declined to press the cases. Accuser Disappointed with DA’s Decision. We share the wronged women’s frustration and pain !!

Albany DA Drops Misdemeanor Charge

Albany DA Drops Misdeameanor Charge. David Soares has determined not to pursue criminal prosecution against Cuomo. The ex Governor had been scheduled to be arraigned on Friday in Albany City Court. The action involves claims by former aide Brittany Commisso that he groped her. Soares released a statement that “While we found the complainant in this case cooperative and credible, after review of all the available evidence we have concluded that we cannot meet our burden at trial.” So Cuomo is walking in yet another case. 2 other county DA’s have decided not to pursue him. The Manhattan District Attorney has dropped its investigation into nursing home fatalities. Momentum is with Cuomo as he rides a wave of favorable moves. Albany DA Drops Misdemeanor Charge. Expect the disgraced pol to mount a comeback as the air clears !!

Manhattan DA Will Not Press Charges

Manhattan DA Will Not Press Charges. Cuomo will not face criminal prosecution for the nursing home deaths. His lawyer explained “I was told that after a thorough investigation – as we have said all along – there was no evidence to suggest that any laws were broken.” The former Governor had been under scrutiny for his mandate requiring nursing homes to admit elderly patients who had been hospitalized with covid. An estimated 15,000 residents perished as a result. Cuomo has dodged yet another bullet. 3 investigations into alleged wrongdoing have now been dismissed. Lady Luck appears to be with him. Manhattan DA Will Not Press Charges. Cuomo has momentum going into his Albany City Court arraignment on Friday !!