Closing the Gap

Closing the Gap. A recently conducted poll by co/efficient shows Zeldin trailing Hochul by just 6 percent. Other polls had put her way out in front. Zeldin leads among whites, Hispanics, independents, and upstate and in the New York suburbs. Hochul leads among blacks and in New York City. Men favor Zeldin while women go for Hochul. As the pollster said, the race is much closer than people think. Much can happen in the 8 weeks leading up to the election. Closing the Gap. Zeldin needs the support of freedom loving Patriots to pull off an Upset !!

Benjamin Late In Filing

Benjamin Late In Filing. Brian Benjamin has not filed his campaign finance report. It was due July 15th. The disgraced former Lieutenant Governor was forced to resign after being arrested. He is accused of fraud and finance improprieties. In January he reportedly had 1.5 Million on hand. There is concern he may be using what remains to pay his legal bills. The whole episode is an egregious blot on Hochul. She demonstrated colossal bad judgment and malfeasance in appointing him her second in command. She failed to properly vet him. At the time it was widely known he was under investigation. Benjamin Late in Filing. Voters take note of the scandal and its negative reflection on the Governor !!

Hochuls Got to Go

Hochul’s Got to Go. That is the word from Zeldin campaign spokeswoman Katie Vincentz. Addressing reporters she recited the litany of the Governor’s abuses. Foremost among them were surging crime and cost of living. Her failure to remove lenient District Attorneys such as Alvin Bragg and support of bail reforms have made us unsafe in our homes and on the subway. Energy prices are out of control. The economy is anemic. More residents are fleeing New York than any other state. Hochul has refused Zeldin’s proposal to debate 5 times before the election. Instead she hides behind her office, hoping to ride it out until November. She has proven to be as corrupt a machine politician as Cuomo. Hochuls Got to Go. Patriots realize she must be defeated to restore democracy to New York !!

The Sky’s the Limit

The Sky’s the Limit. Hochul continues reckless spending of taxpayer dollars. The latest outrage is a bill to reduce class size in NYC schools. She is expected to sign it shortly. The legislation would limit class size in kindergarten to 3rd grade to 20 pupils, in grades 4 to 8 to 23 students, and in high school to 25. It would be phased in over 5 years starting next September. Mayor Eric Adams has objected, citing the enormous price tag projected to run into Hundreds of Millions of dollars annually. Hochul says Never Fear, the additional funding will come from the state. She is clearly pandering to the teachers Union, a major supporter of her campaign. The Sky’s the Limit. Where it will end is Anyone’s Guess !!

Mask Mandate Lifted

Mask Mandate Lifted. Hochul yesterday removed the mandate for MTA bus and subway and commuter rail passengers. It will now be optional for riders of public transportation. Too little too late. The mandate dates back to the Cuomo administration. It was part of his excessive overkill during the early days of covid. Hochul continued it for the year she has been in office. Indeed, she keeps the mandate in force for hospitals and nursing homes. It is an abuse of state authority. Such health care facilities should make the determination themselves. It is a further Democratic effort to restrict individual civil liberties. Republican Freedom Fighters reject this government OVERREACH. Mask Mandate Lifted. New York Patriots continue to fight far left curtailments of our liberties !!

What Is She Scared Of ?

What Is She Scared Of ? That is the question on the minds of voters. Hochul still has not committed to debating Zeldin. She has not responded to his proposal for 5 debates state wide. She evidently does not want to go one on one with him in an unscripted format. Zeldin wants 5 debate forums, 2 in New York City, and one each in Buffalo, Rochester, and elsewhere. That would provide New Yorkers an opportunity to see her up close and personal. They would read her for what she is – a hypocrite and scheming machine politician. Zeldin welcomes the chance to interrogate her on her radical far left policies – gun control, bail reform, and feckless spending and taxes. Then the voters can decide. What Is She Scared Of ? Hochul needs to come clean for once and make herself available to debate !!

You Can’t Hide

You Can’t Hide. And that means you, Kathy Hochul. The New York Post reports she ducked a reporter’s question after making an appearance at the West Indian Parade. She evidently is feeling the heat after a Trafalgar poll shows her leading Lee Zeldin by just 4 points, The race is considerably closer with 2 months until Election Day. She is attempting to run a Rose Garden campaign by avoiding hard questioning. The platform of her Democratic party clearly is not sitting well with voters. New Yorkers are fed up with her tax and spend programs. Violent crime is out of control. The middle class and minorities reject her soft on crime policies. They are responding to Zeldin’s message. You Can’t Hide. Come clean and agree to debate Lee so the voters can make an informed decision !!

Labor Betrayed

Labor Betrayed. Hochul has forsaken the working men and women of New York. On this Labor Day 2022 expect her to issue proclamation extolling the virtues of those who labor. She will make reference to her own working class roots. Hollow words from a Governor who has abandoned them. Hochul and her Democratic cronies are choking the middle class with their excessive taxes and spending. Her soft on crime policies and bail reforms have undermined the safety of New Yorkers. Vast numbers who can afford to are fleeing the state. Those who lack the wherewithal to move elsewhere are stuck here. Household budgets bear the brunt of her spendthrift ways. People no longer feel safe in their homes, outdoors, and on the subway. Crime is rampant. She cares nothing about our lot, relentlessly pursuing re-election. She has sold her soul. Labor Betrayed. The working men and women of New York must unite to defeat Hochul in November and elect Zeldin !!

Tightening Race

Tightening Race. A poll conducted last week by Trafalgar Group shows Zeldin pulling within 4 points of Hochul. He had trailed her by as much as 24 points in other polls. The results reflect growing disillusionment with Democratic candidates. The pollster points to voter outrage with Bidens student loan give away. Hochul’s soft on crime policies and support of bail reforms are weakening her chances. Her dirty dealing and corrupt fundraising are further damaging her. With 2 months remaining until the election, Zeldin May pull off an upset. Tightening Race. The campaign is a toss up as it enters the home stretch !!!!

Abandon Ship

Abandon Ship. Many Democrats are dropping Hochul like the proverbial hot potato. Her divisive rhetoric and soft on crime policies are prompting mass desertions. John Orlando, President of the New Era Democrats, said she is politically polarizing. He cited the recent attack on a Bronx man by a criminal released without bail. Her support of bail reforms make such occurrences possible. There is a shift toward Republican challenger Lee Zeldin. While trailing in polls and fundraising, he has a fighting chance of pulling off an upset. Throngs of voters in high crime areas are giving him a closer look. If enough of them bolt he may well win. New Yorkers will be safer and better off with him in the State House. Abandon Ship. The defections are beginning as more and more voters reject Hochul’s message and policies !!