Law Firm to Defend JCOPE

Law Firm to Defend JCOPE. The Joint Committee on Public Ethics has hired Hogan Lovells to represent it in the ongoing litigation over the Cuomo book deal. The former Governor is suing to block the clawing back of his 5 Million dollar memoir advance. Letitia James has declined to defend the Committee. The Attorney General cites a conflict of interest. At issue are allegations that Cuomo used state employees to write, edit and promote the volume. That would be a clear violation of state ethical standards. The disgraced pol maintains the work was done on their own time voluntarily. It is part of Cuomo’s never ending disputing of the facts. Law Firm to Defend JCOPE. The controversies just go on and on !!

Who Is the Mystery Woman ?

Who Is the Mystery Woman ? Is it Kathy Hochul wearing a wig ? Rumors abound about Cuomo’s latest love interest. Page Six reports he was recently sighted with an unidentified woman at a Chelsea hotel. They stayed until the wee hours of the morning. Many women are fixated on dominant, powerful men. Self avowed Cuomosexuals find the randy ex Governor too attractive to resist. A number have staked their careers on him. What powerful attraction does he hold ? Several admittedly are charmed by the lure of Bad Boys. They defend Randy Andy to the last. Who Is the Mystery Woman ? We can only speculate on his latest conquest !!

James Harasses Trump

James Harasses Trump. Letitia James is pursuing Donald Trump tooth and nail. The Attorney General is calling for the court to issue a contempt citation against the former President. She cites his “intransigence” in failing to turn over subpoenaed materials. Trump counters that he has complied with the subpoena. He moreover calls her a racist. James is engaging in a cheap publicity stunt. The power hungry AG is looking to further her own political ambitions. She failed utterly in her aborted short bid to run for Governor. Her own Democratic party rebuffed her, reportedly due to inadequate fund raising. She recently has been called to task for accepting 35,000 in campaign contributions from Gerald Migdol. The Bronx developer is embroiled in the Brian Benjamin fraud scandal. She maintains she has returned the suspect money. James Harasses Trump. It is more of the same in the dirty world of New York politics !!

Bill to Remove Benjamin DOA

Bill to Remove Benjamin DOA. Legislation to nuke Brian Benjamin from the ballot will not be taken up by the Senate. Andrea Stewart-Cousins is effectively keeping him in the running. The wannabe Lieutenant Governor self destructed when he was arrested on federal fraud charges. He allegedly intentionally misdirected campaign contributions for his failed NYC Comptroller bid. The fiasco is a blot on the record of Kathy Hochul. She selected him to be her number two despite swirling rumors of his pending indictment. At the least she demonstrated gross incompetence for choosing him as her running mate. Whether she herself survives the scandal remains to be seen. Bill to Remove Benjamin DOA. The political machinations just make it worse for the Democrats ticket !!

His Time Has Passed

His Time Has Passed. New York needs to move on from Cuomo’s tarnished legacy. He persists in attempting to re-insert himself into the public forum. Facing certain impeachment, he resigned in disgrace last summer. Instead of quietly fading into the shadows, he has launched a bizarre rehabilitation campaign. He is orchestrating a media blitz of television commercials, public appearances, and op-ed commentary. Drawing upon a multi Million Dollar war chest, we has the means to finance his attempted comeback. He failed to file petitions for the Democratic primary. He is still mulling a run as an independent. In all likelihood he would play the role of spoiler, paving the way for Republican victory in November. He should lay low and just go away. His Time Has Passed. Everyone realizes this except himself !!

Cuomo Weighs In on Stadium Deal

Cuomo Weighs In on Stadium Deal. Writing in his Daily News op-ed piece, he decries Hochul’s pandering to special interests. At issue is the 850 Million taxpayer appropriation for construction of the new Bills Stadium. He cites a glaring conflict of interest. Hochul’s husband works for the concession giant that stands to make millions in revenues at the new venue. The ex Governor writes, “Unfortunately, at the worst moment, Albany dysfunction is back with a vengeance. Spouses, mega-donors, and even old roommates have direct financial interests that benefit elected officials,” Strong words from the disgraced pol who took Millions from campaign contributors who did business with the state. The old expression about people who live in glass houses throwing stones applies here. Who is he to criticize when he set the standard for a decade. Cuomo Weighs In on Stadium Deal. His conduct and commentary are outrageous considering the record of his administration !!

DeRosa to Write Memoir

DeRosa to Write Memoir. Ex Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa is penning a book on her political experiences. Much has happened to her since resigning her office last summer. She has divorced her husband, Matthew Wing. Their upscale apartment in Brooklyn Heights has been sold for 2.6 Million. She is planning to move to the tony Gramercy Park neighborhood of Manhattan. As was her norm, she has crammed a lot of living into half a year. DeRosa was remembered for being feriously loyal to Cuomo. She memorably explained that the ex Governor’s staff froze over the nursing home death scandal and feared the feds would use it against them. She was her boss’ closest confidante. DeRosa to Write Memoir. We can only imagine what bombshells she will drop in the tell-all !!

Cuomo: Entire System Failed

Cuomo: Entire System Failed. Writing in the Daily News, he decried the breakdown of the vetting process that led to the Brian Benjamin debacle. The former Lieutenant Governor resigned in the wake of his arrest on federal bribery and corruption charges. He reportedly was under investigation when Hochul selected him for the number two job. Cuomo rhetorically asked, “How Could This Happen ?” The disgraced pol is assuming an uncharacteristically self-righteous tone. He arguably is guilty of comparable wrongdoing. How could he as Governor abuse his office by sexually harassing nearly a dozen women? And what about the thousands of nursing home deaths that resulted from his covid mandate ? Cuomo: Entire System Failed. By now he should have realized that 2 wrongs do not make a right !!

Cuomo Speaks Out

Cuomo Speaks Out. In an op-ed article in yesterdays Daily New, he railed against Hochul’s “incompetence” and “back door deals”. He particularly took issue with the 850 million state appropriation for the Bills Stadium. He wrote, “The Albany culture now is ‘see no evil’ and ‘go along to get along’ … government is back to parochial politics, fundraising and incompetence.” He also decried the Brian Benjamin fiasco and the failed vetting process. The ex Governor moreover predicted that Democrats will suffer major losses in the upcoming mid term elections due to their “egregious disdain of laws”. It is hard to reconcile Cuomo’s words with his own actions. His scandals and partisan politics shook New York to the core. That he now plays the role of elder statesman and commentator is difficult to fathom. Cuomo Speaks Out. He is well advised to remain on the sidelines and refrain from public commentary !!

Accusers Speak Out

Accusers Speak Out. At least 2 women who alleged sexual harassment by Cuomo are talking. Charlotte Bennet and Brittany Commiso say he should have been IMPEACHED. The Legislature should have gone forward with it. A conviction would have barred him from ever again holding state office. Speaking to the press, Bennet explained “He didn’t face accountability. He resigned just to avoid it…For New York, women showed their strength. We did the heavy lifting. The Assembly did not. We had an opportunity for accountability through impeachment….” Commiso, who alleged the most serious charge of groping, sees him as “a sad, pathetic” figure. Both their careers in public service were ruined by the scandals. Accusers Speak Out. They continue to bear the pain and suffering of Cuomo’s wrongdoing !!