Liberal Opposition

Liberal Opposition. 14 left wing Senators have come out against Hector LaSalle’s nomination. There are not enough Democratic votes to approve him without Republican support. They are urging Hochul to withdraw the nomination. They feel he is too conservative to be Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals. His record is seen as anti union and anti due process. His views on abortion are also suspect to them. Thus far Hochul has held firm in her backing of LaSalle. There have been no confirmation hearings scheduled. The controversy is a litmus test of the Governor’s resolve to stand up to the left flank of her own party. Liberal Opposition. Resolution of the impasse will show who is in charge of state government !!

State of State

State of State. Hochul will deliver the annual address tomorrow afternoon. She will speak in the Assembly chamber in Albany. The much anticipated speech will outline her agenda for the next 4 years. It will likely mirror the themes of her recent Inaugural address. In it she stressed the need to make New York safer and more affordable. She nearly lost the race as Zeldin hit home on crime and law and order. He came within 5 points of what would have been an historic upset. The Governor will also have to address the mass exodus of affluent residents due to excessive tax and spend policies. The future of the Empire State is at stake. State of State. All eyes will be on Hochul to show decisive leadership !!

United Front

United Front. The New York Republican delegation unanimously backed Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House. The vote followed party lines. Representative Elise Stefanik led the support. She advocated for McCarthy on ballot after ballot until he finally won the election. Democrats lined up behind the Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries from New York. A Maryland Representative cast one vote for Lee Zeldin. That the GOP has regained control of Congress is largely due to his dynamic campaign. 4 New York House seats were flipped red in the November election. United Front. State Republican success has far reaching implications on the national political scene !!

Judas Betrayal

Judas Betrayal. Pundits are accusing Kellyanne Conway of backstabbing Donald Trump. They find fault with her new alliance with Andrew Cuomo. The former Governor was one of Trumps chief political enemies. That Conway should dine publicly with the disgraced pol is a major affront. She had been one of Trump’s closest advisors. She reveals herself to be a scheming conniver. Her actions come at a low point for Trump who is under siege on multiple fronts. Judas Betrayal. Conway has thoroughly discredited herself as she tries to claw her way back from oblivion !!

Holiday Travels

Holiday Travels. Cuomo spent Christmas in Los Angeles with daughter Michaela. That is the word from Cindy Adams of Page Six. The Cuomo’s hiked and dined together at Nobu. It was a quiet family affair. The former Governor has been lying low. He has avoided the limelight. Not a word uttered about the inauguration of his successor Hochul. He appears to be steering clear of politics. He is preoccupied with the various civil suits facing him. His retreat from the public eye is in stark contrast to previous domination of the New York scene. Holiday Travels. We are left to wonder what the next installment will bring !!

Reverse the Trend

Reverse the Trend. That is what Hochul told New Yorkers they must do. Speaking in her Inaugural address, she said the outmigration to sunnier climes must end. Strange words from an unlikely source. Just months ago she told Republicans who disagreed with her to get on a bus and go down to Florida. Get out of town. The exodus has been hastened by decades of Democratic rule. Their excessive tax and spend policies have driven the affluent elsewhere. The irony is that they pay the bulk of income tax here. More people fled New York last year than from any other state. Hochul is late to the game. It is only now dawning on her that the hemorrhaging must stop. Reverse the Trend. We’ll see if she changes course to stem the outflow !!

Legislative Battles

Legislative Battles. The lines are being drawn as the Legislature reconvenes. It will be a 6 month session in Albany. The confrontation has already begun. Liberal Democrats have announced their opposition to the nomination of Judge Hector LaSalle. Hochul the moderate is committed to seeing it through. At stake is her ability to maintain control over the left flank. She will also be doing battle with progressives over cashless bail reform. Both sides are digging in their heels on this hot button issue. The upcoming budget process will likely be contentious. Hochul wants to hold the line while liberals favor even more taxes on the wealthy. Increasing the burden would only increase the mass exit of the affluent. Legislative Battles. Hochul is in for a baptism of fire as she struggles in reign in her unruly Democrats !!

Inaugural Themes

Inaugural Themes. Hochul harkened to issues of crime and affordability at her swearing in. She faces an uphill fight, contending with liberals in her party. The restoration of law and order begins with overturning cashless bail. That is opposed by the far left. With her nomination of Hector LaSalle in jeopardy she can expect little support from them. She also pledged to make New York more affordable. New Yorkers are departing by the thousands, spurred by the highest tax burden in the nation. Off to a weak start, Democrats are unlikely to rally around her. The upcoming budget battle will be a test of her ability to govern. Inaugural Themes. The road ahead for Hochul is rocky at best !!

Historic Inauguration

Historic Inauguration. Hochul was sworn in yesterday as New Yorks first female Governor. Also taking the oath was her Lieutenant Governor Antonio Delgado. As the states 57th Governor she faces numerous challenges. The far left flank of her own party is in open rebellion over the nomination of Hector LaSalle to be Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals. She recently agreed to a 32,000 pay raise for Legislators without exacting anything in return. She won the election by the slimmest of margins. New Yorkers are leaving the state in droves fed up with high taxes, excessive spending, and out of control crime. The Governor has yet to announce her agenda. She faces an uphill budget battle. Historic Inauguration. Her job ahead is hardly a bed of roses !!

Happy New Year 2023

Happy New Year 2023. The Editors extend best wishes to our Readers and their families. May 2023 be filled with good health and prosperity. The New Year offers opportunities for a fresh start. Hochul will be inaugurated today in Albany. Already she is facing challenges from the far left flank of her party. Whether she can govern effectively for the next 4 years depends on her ability to maintain control. The political realignment of Hispanics, Asian Americans and Orthodox Jews into GOP ranks portends well for the future. Lee Zeldin has emerged as a dynamic young force in the national Republican party. Happy New Year 2023. It is likely to be an eventful year !!