A Man and His Dog

A Man and His Dog. Andrew Cuomo posted photos to his Instagram account showing him in a boat fishing with his dog. Captain evidently remains loyal. He is pictured nuzzling the ex-Governor. Cuomo has been laying low since resigning from office over a month ago. He reportedly has been staying at the Hamptons home of longtime crony Dr. Jeffrey Sachs. He wisely avoids the limelight as he plots his next move. A loyal confidante, Rick Azzopardi, is his spokesman. It is a time to kick back as he prepares a comeback. A Man and His Dog. The image of a gentle fisherman belies a WILL OF STEEL !!

Joint Commission to Investigate Book Deal

Joint Commission to Investigate Book Deal. The JCOPE is calling a special meeting for that purpose. The Board never officially voted to allow Cuomo to earn outside income by writing his memoir. It was instead approved by Joint Commission staffers. This is yet another breach of state protocol. Cuomo cronies rallied to help him out. This was in direct conflict with and a violation of Public Ethics. The whole thing stinks. Attorney General Letitia James is looking into the sordid scandal. The US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York is similarly investigating. Possible criminal charges may emerge amid allegations that state employees helped prepare and edit the manuscript. Cuomo received an advance in excess of 5 Million Dollars for the volume. Joint Commission to Investigate Book Deal. They should claw back the money due to the irregularities and wrongdoing !!

Assembly Report Due Soon

Assembly Report Due Soon. Legislators are expecting the report from the Assembly Judiciary Committee in October. It is expected to corroborate the findings of the Attorney General’s invetigation, which led to Cuomo’s resignation in August. It will also scrutinize the underreporting of nursing home deaths and the book deal. While unlikely, it could lead to revived efforts to impeach the disgraced ex Governor. Conviction would bar him from ever again holding state office. Cuomo crony Speaker Carl Heastie has said impeachment of a former official would be unconstitutional. That reeks of political maneuvering. Heastie remains a Cuomo loyalist despite protestations to the contrary. Assembly Report Due Soon. It should be an eventual month in Albany as things get sorted out !!

James Addresses Cuomo Comments

James Addresses Cuomo Comments. The Attorney General spoke out about his criticism of her report. The former Governor denounced her investigation into sexual harassment charges as political. In response she answered “he’s never taken responsibility for his own conduct. He’s never held himself accountable for how his behavior affected our state government.”  The War of Words is heating up. The damning report led to Cuomo’s resignation last month. It corroborated the accusations of 11 wronged women. He and his spokesman, Rick Azzopardi, said it was fueled by her political ambitions. They allege that James, a fellow Democrat, plans to run for Governor next year. Addressing Cuomo Comments. He remains defiant, refusing to own up to his actions !!

Producer Felt Threatened by Chris

Producer Felt Threatened by Chris. Melanie Buck, former Executive Producer of Chris Cuomo’s primetime show, parted company with him over reported “differences”. She has since been reassigned to other duties at CNN. This is the latest in the series of allegations against the ex Governor’s brother. Shelley Ross, his former boss at ABC News, wrote in a New York Times op-ed that Chris groped her at a party. When will the Cuomo men come clean about their abuse of women? They took liberties with female associates without thought to the consequences. Chris and Andrew are both guilty as sin. They mistakenly thought their positions of power would shield them. Producer Felt Threatened by Chris. It is time for him to RESIGN his CNN Anchor and exit in DISGRACE !!

Highs and Lows

Highs and Lows. Chris Cuomo has been under siege the last year and a half. The CNN prime time anchor has proven himself to be a survivor, withstanding assults that enveloped him and Big Brother Andrew. Early in the pandemic he engaged in daily banter with the former Governor, alluding to family ties and trivial pursuits. As the walls started caving he, he steadfastly defended his brother’s conduct. As pressure mounted he maintained the party line. He even politicized his bout with covid. The re-emergence from his basement was a staged spectacle. When word broke that he had counseled the Governor on defensive strategies, he was not disciplined by the network. Indeed, CNN boss Jeff Zucker dismissed the controversy as having made a mistake. Now he stands accused of his own acts of sexual harassment. Shelley Ross charges he groped her while at an ABC News party. Highs and Lows. Chris Cuomo may have 9 lives, but his conduct is wearing thin !!

Boylan Speaks Out on Chris

Lindsey Boylan Speaks Out on Chris. The first woman to accuse Andrew Cuomo addressed the latest Chris Cuomo scandal. He is in hot water for having groped his former producer, Shelley Ross, at an ABC News party. Boylan wrote on twitter about the need for ACCOUNTABILITY. She said “Accountability involves taking responsibility, clearly understanding the enormity of the harm, and showing transparency in attempts to change.” Fat Chance that Chris will address this. Indeed, she later wrote that CNN CEO Jeff Zucker will protect and defend Chris. There is likely to be no rebuke from Chris’ present employer. Boylan Speaks Out on Chris. Expect continued whitewashing as the network covers for this MONSTER OF A MAN !!

Cleaning House

Cleaning House. Kathy Hochul is terminating Cuomo holdovers. The new Governor is ridding her administration of her predecessor’s cronies. The most notable to go is Michael Hein, who was charged with overseeing the distribution of 2.6 billion in federal assistance to renters and landlords. The program has been a dismal failure with only a fraction of the available funds paid out to date. Also gone is former Health Commissioner Howard Zucker. He resigned amid allegations that he helped Cuomo underreport the number of nursing home fatalities due to covid. Out With the Old !! Cleaning House. Hochul can not afford to retain corrupt bureaucrats who otherwise would imperil her re-election bid.

Like Brother Like Brother

Like Brother Like Brother. Chris Cuomo has been accused of sexual harassment. Shelley Ross, his former boss at ABC News, wrote in a New York Times op-ed that he groped her at a party. This is shocking news. It harkens to the wrongdoing that brought about Big Brother Andrew’s resignation. Evidently the Cuomos can not keep their hands to themselves. They wantonly take liberties without regard to the consequences. Within on hour of publication, Chris issued an apology. He said he was ashamed of his actions. HOLLOW WORDS. He is engaging in damage control to protect his CNN anchor job. Like Brother Like Brother. Both Andrew and Chris are LOW LIFES who disrespect women !!

Harkening To A Coup

Harkening To A Coup. Cuomo retweeted an op-ed by longtime family ally David Pikus who characterized the resignation as a coup d’etat. He said it trampled on the rights of the electorate and basic due process. He blamed it on politics. The ex Governor chimed in, saying “This was politics. Every step of the way.” Cuomo remains defiant and belligerent. He is on the offensive as he plots a comeback. Discharged by the allegations of 11 women he harassed, he just won’t quit. This is in addition to potentially criminal charges of the book deal and underreporting of nursing home deaths. He is attempting to spin the events, portraying himself as wronged by politically ambitious rivals such as Letitia James. Harkening To A Coup. The Cuomo camp just won’t give up !!