Too Little Too Late

Governor Cuomo’s proposal to help struggling commercial tenants is Too Little Too Late. He announced he agrees with New York Congressman Ocasio-Cortez that there should be rent relief for small businesses. Glad that has occurred to you, Andy. You should realize that your own harsh and authoritative shutdowns have crippled mom-and-pop establishments, the backbone of our community and economy. A reversal of your arbitrary edicts would be a great way to start the New Year. Stop compounding the health emergency with toxic economic moves. Then the healing can begin.

Judge Strikes Down House of Worship Guidelines

A federal appeals judge has struck down Governor Cuomo’s House of Worship guidelines. He ruled that attendance limitations of 10 – 25 per religious service is harsher than secular rules for businesses. The judge sided with arguments presented in behalf of Roman Catholic and Jewish communities. Finally the judiciary is acting to curtail Cuomo’s authoritarian edicts. The sacred separation of church and state is protected by the Constitution. King Andrew has violated this federal right. The tables are turning, Governor. Your unlawful pronouncements will no longer be tolerated. Kudos to the enlightened and courageous judge for overturning your illegal mandate.

Restauranteurs Sue Cuomo in Court

A group of Western New York restauranteurs and bar owners have sued Governor Cuomo in court. 40 businesses banded together seeking lifting of the ban on indoor dining. King Cuomo has closed establishments to indoor dining in orange zones throughout the state. The judge has issued a preliminary ruling, ordering the State to show scientific cause for the ban. Cuomo’s own statistics reveal that less than two percent of covid infections originate at dining venues. Clearly the Governor has overstepped his legal prerogative by arbitrarily imposing the shutdown. Fortunately there are courts of law to reign in Cuomo’s lawlessness. Our freedoms must be preserved.

Protect Us From Attorney General Cuomo

Saints protect us from Attorney General Cuomo. He is rumored to be under consideration by President-Elect Biden for the top Justice Department post. The last thing the country needs is King Andrew in Washington. His administration has resorted to heavy government controls and regulations. More of the same can be expected from him as AG. A heartless northern liberal has no place in the cabinet. He would spread his misguided policies across the country. Biden preaches unification, not Cuomo’s brand of divisiveness. Keep him out of the federal bureaucracy.

Cuomo Speaks of Footrace to Distribute Vaccine

Governor Cuomo has spoken of a Footrace to distribute the vaccine. That is his cavalier comment to the press. It is far more than a footrace, Andrew. It is a life or death struggle to inoculate New Yorkers before more perish from the virus. It is also a race to end your arbitrary shutdown of schools and vulnerable businesses. We are weary of your off the cuff commentary. Think before you mouth off. The voters will long remember your flippancy in the midst of suffering.

Expression of Remorse Should Start with Governor

Expression of Remorse should start with the Governor. On Christmas Day Cuomo pardoned 21 state convicts who showed remorse and rehabilitation. Charity begins at home, King Andrew. You need to examine your conscience and show regret for the suffering and unbridled hardship you have caused New Yorkers. Do you regret fostering the deaths of thousands of vulnerable nursing home residents? Show contrition for your misdeeds. Then the healing can begin.

The Grinch Can Not Steal Christmas

The Grinch can not steal Christmas. Governor Cuomo is powerless to spoil our Holiday Cheer. Try as he might, he can not break our spirit. He has compounded the health emergency through authoritarian rule. His mandates have crippled small businesses, the backbone of the State. He has caused misery and suffering for millions of New Yorkers. Our strength and resolve push back against him. We are committed to fighting back against his tyranny. We resist his efforts to defeat us. On Christmas Day we are united as one.

Cuomo May Be Banned from Restaurants

Andrew Cuomo may be banned from dining in various restaurants. That is the plan being circulated by restauranteurs outraged by his ban on indoor dining. The proposal would also bar hapless New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio. Owners are fighting for their economic survival. They are joining forces against the unscientific ban on indoor dining. Research shows that less than 2 percent of covid cases originate at dining venues. The great majority – 70 percent – are spread through at-home gatherings. Cuomo’s misguided edict is causing people to congregate at home, dramatically increasing the infection rate. The restaurant industry is putting King Andrew on notice. His subjects will no long take his tyranny sitting down.

Protesters Debut Good Morning Cuomo

Protestors have debuted a web series on Instagram. Good Morning Cuomo is a new broadcast initiated by disgruntled bar and restaurant owners. It showcases the plight of struggling hospitality venues crippled by the Governor’s arbitrary mandate. Presently he has shut down all indoor dining in New York City. Business that had been limping along with limited indoor dining now face ruin. The irony is that Cuomo’s own statistics show that only 1.4 percent of covid cases originate at bars and restaurants. The great majority arise from home gatherings. Come on scrooge, do the right thing. During this Christmas week loosen the restrictions and give these important mom-and-pop businesses a chance to survive. The voters of New York will long remember your capricious edicts.

Cuomo Blames His Shortcomings on Trump

Governor Cuomo blames his own shortcomings on the Trump Administration. He decries the lack of federal support to plug New York’s budget hole. The latest stimulus bill, crafted by a bipartisan coalition in Congress, contains no money to bail out state and local governments. He sees that as Trump’s fault. In reality it is due to King Cuomo’s lack of budgetary discipline. He has bloated the state payroll and done nothing to build up cash reserves. He is now starring at massive shortfalls that are his creation. Time for belt tightening in Albany, Andy.