Business As Usual

Business As Usual. Kathy Hochul is proving to be in the mold of her predecessor. She entered office pledging a New Era in New York government. The unknown Upstater seemed sincere and genuine. As so often happens in politics, her performance has not played out that way. While initially promising transparency, she resorts to back room deals. Key components of the recently passed budget were worked out behind the scenes. The controversial Bills stadium deal reeks of special interest pork barrel. She pays lip service to law and order but has proven to be soft on crime. The Brian Benjamin debacle exposed her incompetence and inexperience. Voters have taken note. A majority of the electorate gives her a thumbs down in approval rating. She is seen as no better than Cuomo. She emerges as a hypocrite who continues his policies while professing otherwise. Business As Usual. Hochul’s double dealing may prove to be her undoing !!