Chris Pulls in Big Ratings

Chris Pulls in Big Ratings. The Chris Cuomo Project now ranks second among Apple’s podcasts. The recently launched commentary show is drawing viewer attention. It is one prong of his scripted return to the public forum. This past week he interviewed Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia. Manchin declined to endorse President Biden for re-election. Clearly Chris does not shy away from controversial questioning. He had teased that something was in the works for Summer 2022. His nightly news show on NewsNation is set to debut this fall. His emergence from the shadows comes after his firing by CNN last December. The network let him go after revelations of how extensively he has assisted brother Andrew in fighting the sexual harassment allegations. He justified it on the basis of family ties. Chris Pulls in Big Ratings. With supersized EGO and unchecked ambition, we’ll see how far it goes !!