Cop Out

Cop Out. The Department of Justice will not investigate Cuomo’s handling of the nursing home scandal. In a letter to Representative Steve Scalise of the House Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis, the DOJ opted out. This is an outrage at the highest level of government. The Democratic Biden administration is clearly protecting one of its own. The politically motivated maneuver is designed to blunt investigation of Cuomo’s wrongdoing. What about the grieving families of the 15,000 innocent nursing home victims who died due to Cuomo’s mandates. Their blood cries out for JUSTICE. To compound the scandal, the Governor’s administration willfully obstructed justice by deliberately underreporting the actual number of helpless elderly who died. This was intended to preserve Cuomo’s false image of competence as he negotiated his obscene 5 Million Dollar book deal that lauded his “Leadership” during the pandemic. Cop Out. The President is evidently in bed with his Democratic crony.