Cuomo Directed to Return Book Advance

Cuomo Directed to Return Book Advance. That is the order of the Joint Committee on Public Ethics. The vote was 12 – 1. The Committee cited his use of state employees in writing, editing, and promoting the memoir. That is a clear ETHICS VIOLATION. Cuomo has one month to turn over the 5.1 Million Dollar advance to Attorney General Letitia James. She will determine what is to be done with the money. Reaction was swift from the Cuomo camp. Legal counsel accused the JCOPE of overstepping its boundaries. They vowed to fight the directive in court. Finally JUSTICE IS BEING SERVED. That the disgraced ex Governor would write a self laudatory volume while thousands suffered and died is beyond obscene. The Commissioners did the right thing and clawed back the ill gotten gain. Cuomo Directed to Return Book Advance. The mills of the gods grind slowly but they grind exceedingly well !!