Cuomo Speaks to Black Church

Cuomo Speaks to Black Church. He addressed the congregation of the Christian Cultural Center yesterday in Brooklyn. This follows a speech to Bethel Baptist Church last week in Buffalo. He decried the mass shootings at Tops and in Uvalde, Texas. He called the gunmen racists and domestic terrorists. He also called for stricter gun control. The ex Governor sounded very much like he is mounting a comeback. This is the fourth church audience he has visited since resigning last summer. He appears to be courting Black voters. They have been the cornerstone of his political coalition. He also is appealing to the far left by seeking background checks on gun purchases. What his long term intentions are remain unclear. He evidently is not planning to run as an independent for Governor this year. The filing deadline is tomorrow. Cuomo Speaks to Black Church. He is using the pulpit to get his message out to voters !!