Cuomo Weighs In on Stadium Deal

Cuomo Weighs In on Stadium Deal. Writing in his Daily News op-ed piece, he decries Hochul’s pandering to special interests. At issue is the 850 Million taxpayer appropriation for construction of the new Bills Stadium. He cites a glaring conflict of interest. Hochul’s husband works for the concession giant that stands to make millions in revenues at the new venue. The ex Governor writes, “Unfortunately, at the worst moment, Albany dysfunction is back with a vengeance. Spouses, mega-donors, and even old roommates have direct financial interests that benefit elected officials,” Strong words from the disgraced pol who took Millions from campaign contributors who did business with the state. The old expression about people who live in glass houses throwing stones applies here. Who is he to criticize when he set the standard for a decade. Cuomo Weighs In on Stadium Deal. His conduct and commentary are outrageous considering the record of his administration !!