Defiant to the End

Defiant to the End. Cuomo resists resigning in the face of Letitia James report that he sexually harassed 11 women. The Walls are finally Caving In. The bombshell investigation by the Attorney General’s office obtained testimony from 179 witnesses.. It reviewed thousands of pages of documents. It concluded that the Governor violated both federal and state law. It may lead to criminal prosecution. In the wake of the revelations his political support has dissolved. Both Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Carl Heastie, the leaders of the Legislature, called for his resignation. Yet through it all Cuomo refuses to leave office. The report dismissed his hollow rebuttals, saying they are not credible. The scandal has created a constitutional crisis of epic proportions. IMPEACHMENT is the next step. For months New York government has languished in the shadow of the impasse. Defiant to the End. The time is now for Cuomo to exit so that order can be restored !!!!