Demand Your Money Back

Demand Your Money Back. Senator Liz Krueger is telling Donors to ask for their Cuomo contributions back. 18 Million Dollars remain in his campaign war chest. She is encouraging benefactors to insist that he return the unspent funds. Krueger is Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. She is concerned that the disgraced former Governor will use the money to pay legal fees and attack his perceived enemies. The New York Post reports that major contributors are divided about seeking reimbursement. Real estate and Wall Street moguls were his biggest donors. Some want their money back. Others say he can keep it. Many billionaires had given 6 figure contributions each. Cuomo was clearly beholden to the 1 percent which funded his campaigns. Demand Your Money Back. The Ethical Thing would be to return it. Unfortunately we learned the hard way that Cuomo is not about Ethical Practice.