DeRosa Denies Make Out Rumors

DeRosa Denies Make Out Rumors. Former Cuomo confidante Melissa DeRosa rejects the allegations that they engaged in improprieties. This is in response to a published report that a state trooper saw them making out. While DeRosa was not named in the trooper’s testimony, “Senior Staffer #1”┬áis believed to be her. She was married at the time and has since divorced. The Cuomo camp categorically denies the claim as a fabrication. That it was included in Letitia James report is seen as politically motivated. Cuomo spokesman Rick Azzopardi retorted “The fact that Tish James included these completely false bottom-of-the-barrel rumors in her selectively released, partially redacted transcripts says more about her character and motivations than anything else.” DeRosa Denies Make Out Rumors. The plot thickens as more mud is slung !!