Dinner Companions

Dinner Companions. NYC Mayor Eric Adams dined with Cuomo Tuesday night to talk shop. The 2 met at a Theatre District restaurant for a lengthy meal. Adams’ spokesman, Fabien Levy, released this statement, “Mayor Adams meets with a lot of former government officials to talk about governance, which is particularly important in these unprecedented times. There was nothing political about the conversation, and the mayor stands by his earlier comments that the former governor should have stepped down, as he did.” Do not underestimate the significance of this. After lying low for several months following his resignation, Cuomo is re-entering the mainstream. He is gingerly looking to rehabilitate his public profile. He imagines himself a wronged elder statesman who was forced out by partisan politics. Expect more of the same as he mounts a comeback. Dinner Companions. Adams is aiding and abetting Cuomo’s playbook as the 2 pols appear together !!