Does Time Heal Wounds ?

Does Time Heal Wounds ? That is on the mind of New Yorkers as they assess Cuomo’s rehabilitation campaign. The majority of pundits believe it is too soon for him to re-enter the political arena. Yesterdays launch of his commercial around the state is seen as a first step. The spot tellingly does not feature him speaking on camera. His image is shown once, with clips of District Attorneys dropping criminal cases against him. He prefers to let others do the talking. So it goes as he plots and maneuvers a comeback. Seasoned politicos feel it is too soon for him to run again for political office. They do not see him taking on Kathy Hochul or Letitia James. Instead they look ahead to a matchup against Kirsten Gillibrand in 4 years. That is a long time for him to make amends. Does Time Heal Wounds? That is a definite possibility for the determined and well financed Cuomo !!