Enough Votes to Impeach

Enough Votes to Impeach. More than half the members of the Assembly have publicly expressed support for removing Cuomo from office. A majority of the State Senate is believed to also favor IMPEACHMENT. The stunning turn of events comes in the aftermath of Letitia James bombshell report. It concludes that the Governor indeed sexually harassed 11 women and broke federal and state laws. The fall from grace is of epic proportions. Just last spring Cuomo was riding high. His daily televised news conferences made him the face of the Democratic party. In one year he has fallen hard. He is now a pariah, shunned by his former allies. President Joe Biden has called for his resignation. Major national politicians concur. Governors of neighboring states similarly want him to exit. Through it all he remains defiant, vowing to fight on. Enough Votes to Impeach. Wake up and smell the roses Andrew Cuomo. Your days in the State House are numbered.