Graft. Hochul is guilty of multiple counts of malfeasance. Her selection of Brian Benjamin as Lieutenant Governor was an unforgivable lapse. He was widely known to be under investigation for campaign finance irregularities when she gave him the nod. He was forced to resign after less than 6 months in office. In her less than transparent budget process Hochul rammed through an 850 Million dollar appropriation for her hometown Bills. In an egregious conflict of interest, her husband is a key executive with the concessionaire that will service the new venue. The most glaring offenses are her clumsy pay to play schemes. A 9 figure contract for COVID home tests was awarded to a major campaign contributor. The amount paid by the state was twice the market rate. She should face criminal prosecution for this quid pro quo. Graft. Even by the tawdry standards of New York politics Hochul is a glaring repeat offender !!