Highs and Lows

Highs and Lows. Chris Cuomo has been under siege the last year and a half. The CNN prime time anchor has proven himself to be a survivor, withstanding assults that enveloped him and Big Brother Andrew. Early in the pandemic he engaged in daily banter with the former Governor, alluding to family ties and trivial pursuits. As the walls started caving he, he steadfastly defended his brother’s conduct. As pressure mounted he maintained the party line. He even politicized his bout with covid. The re-emergence from his basement was a staged spectacle. When word broke that he had counseled the Governor on defensive strategies, he was not disciplined by the network. Indeed, CNN boss Jeff Zucker dismissed the controversy as having made a mistake. Now he stands accused of his own acts of sexual harassment. Shelley Ross charges he groped her while at an ABC News party. Highs and Lows. Chris Cuomo may have 9 lives, but his conduct is wearing thin !!