Hochul: Covid Cases Trending Downward

Hochul: Covid Cases Trending Downward. In a weekend announcement she reported new cases have declined by 47 percent. That is welcome news for New Yorkers. She indicated we can not let down our guard, explainig “We are turning the corner on the winter surge, but we’re not through this yet. Please keep getting vaccinated, getting the booster dose, getting our children vaccinated, and wearing non-cloth masks. Let’s not undo all the hard work we’ve put in to bring the numbers down.” Her approach to the health crisis is in stark contrast to Cuomos. Hochul has counseled vigilance and enacted a mask mandate. The former Governor took drastic measures, which involved lockdowns of the State economy. He moreover required closures of schools, public venues, and houses of worship. The effect was to freeze and cripple small businesses. Thousands closed for good. Many more are limping along. Hochul: Covid Cases Trending Downward. She has governed wisely unlike Cuomo the Despot !!