Judge Dismisses Case

Judge Dismisses Case. Albany City Court Judge Holly Trexler dismissed the charge against Cuomo yesterday. She went along with DA David Soares who had asked for a dismissal. Gone is the sole criminal charge against the disgraced former Governor. He had been accused by aide Britanny Commisso of forcibly groping her. Soares maintained he lacked sufficient evidence to win a conviction. Reaction was swift from the Cuomo camp. Attorney Rita Glavin commented, “Today, reason and the rule of law prevailed. Not politics, rhetoric or mob mentality.” Cuomo has been riding high on a string of favorable rulings. In addition to the Albany case, District Attorneys in Nassau, Westchester, and Manhattan have withdrawn prosecutions. The Governor is playing victim, claiming his resignation was forced by dirty politics. Judge Dismisses Case. Momentum is mounting as he plots his comeback !!