Lavine: Cuomo Conduct “Extremely Disturbing”

Lavine: Cuomo Conduct “Extremely Disturbing”. That was the word from Charles Lavine, Democratic Chair of the Assembly Judiciary Committee. He said the Assembly report showed the former Governor was unfit for office. The bombshell report parroted the earlier investigation by Attorney General Letitia James. It found 3 areas of wrongdoing: sexual harassment, under reporting of nursing home deaths, and use of state employees on the personal memoir. Reaction was swift from Cuomo defenders. Pit bull spokesman Rick Azzopardi charged “Any report that uses the attorney general’s politically biased investigation as a basis is going to be equally flawed.” All is not lost for the disgraced pol. The report concluded that Cuomo can not be impeached since he has already resigned. That clears the way for him to again run for elected office. Lavine: Cuomo Conduct “Extremely Disturbing”. The implications for the future are even more so !!