More Allegations

More Allegations. 2 more women have come forward to allege sexual harassment. The Attorney General’s office indicated their charges will not be made part of Letitia James inquiry and report. However, they may be part of the criminal case being built against Cuomo. It just gets worse and worse. How many accusers must go public before the Governor caves in and resigns ? Top aides reportedly spent last weekend urging him to QUIT. The resignation of Melissa DeRado is seen as the last straw. Far from recognizing the impossibility of his situation, Cuomo is said to be in a fighting mood. His irresponsibility has PARALYZED state government. Arguably no one is in charge. He is irrevocably compromised. He simply can no longer lead. He has lost public trust. More Allegations. The case against him builds everyday. Do the Right Thing at the end and EXIT !!