One Year Anniversary

One Year Anniversary. It was a year ago this week that Cuomo resigned as Governor. So much has transpired since then. He was charged with wrongdoing in 5 jurisdictions. All 5 District Attorneys later dismissed the cases against him. He spent several months in virtual seclusion. He emerged with a series of public church addresses and dinners with high profile pols. He flirted with challenging Hochul in the Democratic primary. He also considered running as an independent. When the polls showed he could not win, he sat the race out after spending Millions on advertising trying to rehabilitate his image. Brother Chris also fell from grace at CNN. After being unceremoniously fired, he retreated to the sidelines for 7 months. Now he too is re-entering the public stage with a podcast and nightly program on upstart NewsNation. Chris has moreover filed a staggering 125 Million damage suit against his former network. Big Brother Andrew is also suing the state seeking payment of legal bills in the Trooper harassment case. All in all it has been an eventful 12 months. One Year Anniversary. Expect the coming year to be equally explosive with more antics from the Cuomo clan !!