Pensioner. Cuomo has begun to receive State Retirement Benefits. His stipend is 4,219 monthly or 50,628 annually. That covers his 15 years of public service, 11 as Governor and 4 as Attorney General. While not a princely sum, it provides him with a base income. There is a possibility he may have to forfeit his pension if he is convicted of crimes committed while in public office. He is likely to fight such action tooth and nail. Cuomo appears to be worth a few million dollars according to his disclosure statements. He is in jeopardy of having to give back the 5.1 million dollar advance he received for his memoir. He is presently maintaining a low profile 3 months after his resignation. He is reportedly sorting through whether to mount a political comeback. If that is not in the cards he will probably snare a high paying job in New York real estate or finance. He has a core of loyal wealthy supporters who will take care of him. Pensioner. Do not expect him to be the typical retiree taking advantage of senior discounts !!