Plummeting Ratings

Plummeting Ratings. The rankings of Chris Cuomo’s new podcast are falling fast. The Chris Cuomo Project has tanked from 13th overall since its introduction 3 weeks ago. It is now 72nd overall as of this week. That is according to Apple iTunes’ survey of podcasts. Despite a promising beginning, which featured probing interviews of Joe Manchin and Andrew Wang, the podcast has lost its luster. The New York Post attributes it to a decline in novelty of Chris’ return to journalism. He had maintained a low profile since being fired from CNN last December. He recently has tried to reinvent himself, first posting on Instagram photos and commentary of himself on the front lines in the Ukraine. A high profile interview with Bill Maher followed, in which he announced a nightly program on upstart network NewsNation. If his podcast performance is any indication, a similar fate awaits his evening broadcast. Plummeting Ratings. It shows that Chris is now irrelevant and the public has moved on !!