Polls Don’t Lie

Polls Don’t Lie. 70 percent of New York Voters say Cuomo must RESIGN. That is according to the Quinnipiac University survey released Friday. A clear majority of New Yorkers – 55 percent – believe he should face criminal charges. 63 percent said Cuomo should be IMPEACHED if he doesn’t resign. These devastating poll numbers come in the aftermath of the release of Letitia James bombshell report. It found the Governor sexually harassed 11 women and has broken federal and state law. Incredibly enough, the Governor STUBBORNLY HANGS ON. Mike Goodwin from the New York Post points out that Richard Nixon at least had the decency to resign. What is Cuomo thinking ? How does he possibly hope to hang on ? His approval rating has fallen to 28 percent, an all time low. Polls Don’t Lie. It is time for Andrew Cuomo to quit before he brings more trouble on himself !!!!