Resignation Official

Resignation Official. Andrew Cuomo’s tenure as Governor ended last evening at midnight. Kathy Hochul took the oath of office. New York now has a new Chief Executive. It was an eventful day. Cuomo delivered an embittered prerecorded farewell address. He remained defiant to the end, calling Letitia James report a political firecracker. He showed no remorse or contrition. In his final hours he pardoned 4 convicted murderers. That act of clemency does not atone for his wrongdoing. The fall from grace is of epic proportions. It harkens to a Greek tragedy. The story is far from over. The legal wrangling is likely to drag on for years. The pain and devastation will continue for a lifetime. The accusers and families of nursing home victims will bear the scars for the rest of their lives. This Blog will continue to make daily posts and tweets of information and commentary. We will be there for you our loyal Readers. New Yorkers are left to regroup and pick up the pieces. The healing process will be slow and bumpy.