Return of the Native

Return of the Native. Like it or not, Cuomo is plotting a comeback. This weeks release of his commercial is seen as a testing of the waters. Will New Yorkers buy his claim that he has been vindicated? Probably not, but hope springs eternal for the self absorbed former Governor. The rumor mill abounds that he will again seek elected office. He would need 15,000 signatures to challenge Kathy Hochul in the June primary. He holds on to a core of diehard Democratic supporters. They see his ouster as a political hatchet job. They laud his misguided leadership during the worst of the covid epidemic. He probably can muster the requisite signatures to get on the ballor. Armed with 16 Million remaining in his war chest, he has the money to mount a campaign. Return of the Native. Cuomo’s last act has yet to be played out !!