Return to Normalcy

Return to Normalcy. Kathy Hochul has ushered in a New Era in Albany. Since taking the reins following Cuomo’s resignation last August, a New Day has dawned in New York. The ex Governor ruled through bullying and intimidation. He exerted control over virtually every aspect of state government. Hochul by contrast has delegated to competent professional bureaucrats. Gone is what Manhattan Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell called “a personality cult of a narcissist”. After just 6 months the previously little known Hochul has governed effectively and built coalitions. She has cleaned house and purged Cuomo appointees. The frontrunner in the Democratic primary for Governor, her campaign has raised 21 Million Dollars. She is likely to prevail in the November election. Return to Normalcy. Kathy Hochul has established herself as a savvy pol in stark contrast to her predecessor !!