Seeking Justice

Seeking Justice, The son of a nursing home victim has filed a class action lawsuit. It names Cuomo, Melissa DeRosa, Howard Zucker and New York State as co-Defendants. Daniel Arbeeny of Brooklyn lost his father as a result of Cuomo’s mandate requiring nursing facilities to admit covid patients. He alleges reckless endangerment of the other residents. The blood of thousands of innocents is on Cuomo and the others for their actions. It is perhaps the most heinous crime committed by a Governor in state history. Top aide DeRosa admitted that the administration tried to understate the number of deaths, fearing the federal government would use it against them. Lackey Zucker ran the Health Department at the time of the tragedy. Arbeeny is agressively pursuing his claim. He demands a jury trial. Seeking Justice. The mills of the gods grind slowly but they grind exceedingly well !!