Special Election Set

Special Election Set. Hochul is scheduling the primary to fill Tom Reed’s seat for August 23rd. It will be held to select nominees for the Southern Tier congressional district. The long-time Republican incumbent resigned to work in the private sector. The district tilts heavily towards the GOP. There were delays in the Governor setting the polling. Per usual from the incompetent Hochul. The races are gearing up. November is only 5 months away. It appears that Cuomo will not challenge Hochul as an independent. He has only till the end of May to file petitions. His camp has done nothing publicly to solicit signatures. Had he run he would have blown the gubernatorial race wide open. He would have siphoned enough Democratic votes to tilt the contest in favor of the Republican. Special Election Set. Stay tuned for further developments in the topsy-turvy world of New York politics !!