State of Emergency

State of Emergency. Cuomo declares High Alert in advance of Hurricane Henri. In his final hours of Governor he has issued orders and mobilized the National Guard. Just like the Take Charge Cuomo we have known over the past decade. Authoritative and Commanding. How is he going to retreat from power come Monday at 11:59 p.m. ? The clue may be in the actions of his long time crony Carl Heastie, who is allowing the Assembly report to be finalized and released. However, he has already indicated there will be no IMPEACHMENT proceedings. A conviction would bar Cuomo from ever again holding state office. It would thwart his PRESIDENTIAL AMBITIONS. This Blog has maintained he still has he sights set on the White House. After a suitable period of seclusion and contrition, he is likely to attempt a COMEBACK. State of Emergency. We have yet to hear the last of Andrew Cuomo !!