Stonewall Cuomo

Stonewall Cuomo. That is an apt name for New York’s Dictator. Like the Civil War general, he holds his ground and refuses to budge. Amid all the accusations swirling around him, King Cuomo stubbornly refuses to yield ground. He denies everything and stonewalls. He evidently is hoping beyond hope to ride out the crisis. He lives in the proverbial fool’s paradise. The outcry is mounting for his removal from office. There are 2 independent investigations looking into his wrongdoing. Impeachment is the likely outcome. Yet he continues to affront, acting as though his problems will go away. There is no end to the lies, deception, and abuse. We call upon those in charge to hasten the inquiries. And not a minute too soon. The fallout is injuring State Government. The Executive Branch has been emasculated. Stonewall no more. Do the right thing and come clean then exit.

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