Subpoenas Issued

Subpoenas Issued. The Albany County District Attorney’s Office has issued subpoenas seeking evidence in the Cuomo groping case. They were served upon the Executive Mansion seeking surveillance videos and other materials. This is part of the investigation into charges filed by former aide ¬†Brittany Commisso. She alleges the former Governor reached under her blouse and fondled her. This is the most serious charge levied against Cuomo. If proven they are misdemeanors punishable by up to one year in jail for each count. There was no comment from Cuomo or his personal lawyer, Rita Glavin. The case against him is heating up. District Attorneys from 4 other counties are also looking into alleged wrongdoing. The drama will be played out in the courts and press. Subpoenas Issued. Cuomo has created one colossal legal mess that will haunt him for years !!