The Aftermath

The Aftermath. Starting to sort through the Cuomo Resignation. Now that he has announced his intention to leave office, the Scandal is far from over. Why is he waiting 14 days to officially leave office ? What ulterior motives is he harboring ? The drama surrounding his wrongdoing has brought state government to a standstill. Arguably no one is in charge during this interim period. Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul is preparing to assume the reigns of power. She will be New York’s first female Governor. The lives of the women he sexually harassed are shattered. There is the specter of criminal prosecution and civil lawsuits. The families of the 15,000 elderly nursing home residents who perished because of his mandates are left to grieve. Ordinarily New Yorkers are strong, resilient people. It will take a long time to heal. This Blog will continue to make daily postings and tweets. The Aftermath. The story is far from over !!