Today Is The Day

Today Is The Day. April 7th is the deadline to file petitions for the Democratic primary. Cuomo is evidently not maneuvering to run for the party nomination. He has sent mixed signals over the past several week. Pundits think it likely that he will enter the Governors race as an independent. That gives him until the end of May to gather the required 45,000 signatures. He would then form his own party and challenge presumptive nominees Kathy Hochul and Lee Zeldin in the November election. We have come to expect the unexpected from him. Despite leaving office last summer in disgrace, he has behaved as a candidate in making for his old job. Just this week he dined again with NYC Mayor Eric Adams. He is looking for support from his traditional minority base. Today Is The Day. While not running as a Democrat, we see him playing the role of SPOILER as an Independent !!