Vengeance Is Mine

Vengeance Is Mine. Cuomo is expected to LASH OUT at his perceived political enemies. Those who turned on him are likely to incur his wrath. Politicians who called for his resignation or impeachment are at the top of the list. Even Kathy Hochul, his successor as Governor, is an object of retribution. And Cuomo has ample financial means at his disposal to WAGE WAR. 18 Million Dollars remain in his campaign WAR CHEST. The funds had been contributed by donors large and small to pay for his 4th run for the State House. He is free to use them to run attack ads. He has already hired long time pit bull Rick Azzopardi to be his spokesman. Together they will embark upon a well financed program to rehabilitate his image. Vengeance Is Mine. We have not heard the last of Andrew Cuomo and his VINDICTIVE WAYS !!