Walls Caving In

Walls Caving In. That is the situation confronting Cuomo. Things are not going well 3 months after his resignation. The Joint Committee on Public Ethics this week rescinded its approval of his book deal. They may claw back his 5.1 Million Dollar writers advance. He is facing release of the Assembly’s report on his wrongdoing. It is likely to be as devastating as Letitia James investigation into alleged sexual harassment. In 2 months he will be arraigned in Albany City Court on misdemeanor charge of forcibly groping former aide Britanny Commisso. Other criminal investigations are underway in 4 jurisdictions. All in all things are not going swimmingly for the disgraced pol. But don’t count him out just yet. He is a streetfighter who cut his teeth in Queens politics. He and his diehard circle are committed to fighting on. Walls Caving In. Clearly the last chapter has yet to be written !!