Why Fear Debating

Why Fear Debating. That is the question on New Yorkers minds as Hochul is reluctant to debate Zeldin. There are invitations on the table from 2 television stations. Zeldin has enthusiastically accepted them. Hochul has only offered lame response that she is interested in debating. Voters deserve an opportunity to witness a live and unscripted exchange between the 2 candidates. Indeed, Zeldin has called for 5 forums prior to the election. Hochul is clearly reluctant to defend her record in a frank exchange. So much of what she is about – out of control crime, anemic economic recovery, the Bills stadium deal – makes her loath to talk about it in public. This is her ultimate cop out. Her avoidance of controversy makes her ill suited to lead the state for 4 more years. Why Fear Debating. Hochul betrays her own insecurities about her miserable record !!