8th Accuser Steps Forward

An 8th Accuser has Stepped Forward. 33 year old executive assistant Alyssa McGrath accuses Andrew Cuomo of inappropriate behavior. She is currently employed on his staff. The scandal enveloping the Governor just gets worse. He has been exposed as a base sexual predator. The women he abused are courageously going public. No longer can he hide behind the veil of his office. It is incumbent upon the Legislature to expedite Impeachment. There is no other recourse. King Cuomo defiantly refuses to resign. His ability to govern has been irrevocably compromised. The charges may lead to criminal prosecution. This is on top of the deplorable deliberate concealment of nursing home fatalities. It is tantamount to obstruction of justice. Never in the centuries long history of New York State has there been such wanton conduct by a Governor. The public demands justice for the Accusers. The blood of 15,000 nursing home victims cries out for punishment. Once purged from office he must be brought to task. Then there can be healing and closure.

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